Sunday, February 27, 2011

[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Hyung Joon on his MV Film set

thanks Marvie for shoving this news here. It's so nice to be reading such news when I woke up.

Hmm, could this be when Jung Min tweeted Hyung Jun what he wanted to eat last week?

Anyway, thanks to VITALSIGN of AKP for this.


[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Hyung Joon on his MV Film Set
by VITALSIGN on February 26, 2011

SS501′s Park Jung Min has set out to support the group’s maknae, Kim Hyung Joon, as he prepares for his solo debut next month.

Kim Hyung Joon will be the second member of SS501 to officially make his solo debut. To cheer on his bandmate, Park Jung Min dropped by Kim’s film set with snacks in hand for the staff members.

Kim Hyung Joon’s representatives revealed, “Seeing the two of them together was very heartwarming. Park Jung Min was able to give a burst of energy to both Kim Hyung Joon and the staff members, who were all very tired from the late night filming.”

The star will release his solo album this March, which will be followed by a large-scale promotion cycle in Japan and the rest of Asia.


Anonymous said...

Tom and Jerry! I love how they support each other no matter what. I wonder if Jung Min will also appear at Hyung Jun's showcase in March.

Things are moving so fast with Hyung Jun's album. Tomorrow we will hopefully see the mv for the single 'Girl' and then in March his album will be out. It seems that the title track for the album is a song called 'Oh Ah' and Hyung Jun's producer previously tweeted that his album will feature some great Hip Hop musicians. I can hardly wait for this album. I know it will be great!

realisticgal_in-no-sense said...

not surprised! brotherly love!!!!!
now i'd like to see them all support each other (instead of tom and jerry, kyusaeng) the coupled thing is not satisfying my greed anymore lol. im reli glad that they do support each other, but id like to see saeng/kyu come to support baby, or vice versa. better yet, if leader miraculously decides to show his face to anyone of his member's schedule!
SS501 Hwaiting!
always believe in you!

Anonymous said...

saeng/kyu did support baby - they attended his birthday FM last Aug and also his musical last month

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:00am

Like anon 11:36am just said, Kyu and saeng did support Baby on his musical cafein, they went together to watch Baby's musical performance!

I don't like when fans screaming "yay bromance or Tom&Jerry love!"
Specially JungMin or Baby supporting each other.

Listen girls it's NOT romance! What they do is a normal way for close friends to give support and cheer each other since they've been together for seven years!

I agree with anon 11:00am, I would love to see Leader show up and give support for his younger brothers but I don't think my wish will happen..

Anonymous said...

sometimes i think if the leader be baby or min could it be better for group.i don't understand what is leader trying to do by not visiting his group members but meeting frequently with other group's members.(for example he didn't go to baby's musical but went to junsu's musical.and there are pics with again junsu and other friends of him as a football team but we can't see any pic with group can we say he has no time and so busy?)i don't believe they are meeting even though we don't know.if something like that happen i'm sure there will be lots of pics about that cause it is too rare.if group members don't support him after his album he shouldn't is what he did.

liezle said...

You guys are forcing me to lock again this post. Much as I don't want to do it but I am making the first move now so as to avoid unnecessary comments from others.