Monday, February 28, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun's "GIRL" 2 MV Teaser Released

Teaser is out! Much thanks to Marvie for posting this up here.

Can't wait to see the full video. I love 'Girl' and it's been 1 year since I've heard it! Whoa!

Dance Version

Story Version


Alex said...

Lol, the second one looks much better :)) The first one, I know that it's a scarf but it still looks like HJB was wearing a dress hahahahahah
And I love the song :X

BeetleSSS said...

well i love the first one..actually hyung jun look sexier with the S line choreography..the scarf that he wears actually more like 'sarong' material...i like that style..if u used to watch japan's idol..they used these kind of style...
anyway....hyung jun..hwaiting!!

Anonymous said...

HJB is looking more handsome lately! He doesn't have Baby image anymore, he's a MAN duh! Handsome and sexy! and he's prettier than the girl in this MV LOL

Anonymous said...

i like the first mv teaser more than the 2nd^^

his dance moves were cool and his get-up? well, it's similar to an Irish plaid, though its not green in color^^; Maknae pulled the cool, manly image in this vid very well

as for the 2nd vid, hmmm, the title song is Girls, but there is only one girl featured here hence its contrary to the title

Anonymous said...

am the above anony, the title song is girl^^ duh!

i still like the 1st vid though kekekeke