Friday, October 31, 2008

so ji sub to release another single

I just read this news about ji sub...

In August of this year, So Ji Sub as rapper 'G' released his single 'A Lonely Life'. This really came as a surprise to everyone. It was said that he recorded this in secrecy.

This coming November, birth month of Ji Sub, as a surprise gift for his fans, he will be releasing another song, entitled 'Foolish Love' on his birthday, which falls on 4 November.

'Foolish Love' is a hip-hop style song with its distinct style featuring harmonica tune, fuses the majestic melody that can be found in drama OST. 'Foolish Life' as well as 'A Lonely Life' were written and produced by songwriter J@TRAX.

To hear Ji Sub rap in 'A Lonely Life' click here.

Btw, So Jisub, will be receiving the Best Actor award at the 28th Korean Film Critics’ Society Award for the movie 'Rough Cut' to be held on 5 Nov 08. Congratulations Ji Sub! ^^

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