Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yong Joon @ 2008 Korea Drama Festival?

not sure if i'm going to be excited about what i read tonight. it's about the korea drama festival 2008 on nov 1-5. in the article that i read, it says their that yong joon will be getting an award. the award is called 'Special Award for Outstanding Service to Hallyu'. if my understanding is correct it'll be given on nov 1. i think the organizer is still getting confirmation from KeyEast if yong joon can attend the event.

hope we get the translation of the article later as well as the confirmation [hee, but honestly i've a feeling that he won't be attending]

p.s. yong joon is not amongst the nominees for best actor that include kim myung min, kim rae won. though TWSSG is nominated for best drama.

p.p.s. i got this list of nominees at soompi. it looks like that he's nominated for the grand prize award and TWSSG for production award. hmm...

Kim Hye-Ja (Mom's Dead Upset) 995명(1%) <5#>
Choi Soo-Jong (Dae Jo Young) 1,090명(1%) <4#>
Bae Jong-Ok (Heavenly Beauty Park Jung-Geum) 485명(1%) <10#>
Jo Jae-Hyun (New Heart) 465명(1%) <11#>
Kim Hye-Seon (First Wives Club) 970명(1%) <6#>
Kim Myung-Min (Beethoven Virus) 32,040명(39%) <2#>
Kim Ji-Soo (Woman Of The Sun) 490명(1%) <9#>
Lee Bum-Soo (On Air) 2,670명(3%) <3#>
Lee Joon-Ki (Iljimae) 36,290명(44%) <1#>
Kim Ha-Neul (On Air) 560명(1%) <8#>
Bae Yong-Joon (Legend) 700명(1%) <7#>

Likable Or Not
Mom's Dead Upset
Golden Bride
Hong Gil Dong
New Heart
Yi San
Dae Jo Young
The Legend

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle
Hope he'll win the Grand Prize and TWSSG the Prod Prize.