Monday, October 27, 2008

Yong Joon at the mountain

i read this last night on KOB and byjgallelry and mariko made a brief translation on byj thread at soompi. i think that this trip is part of the book that yong joon is doing. i'm glad to know that while working on it he's able to do what he loves to do that is fishing and cooking what he caught.

anyway, here's the complete translation of suehan which she posted on BYJ's Quilt. Again, thanks so much dear suehan!

[Trans and Reposted]I heard that BYJ is in Wido now

Suehan wrote :

I found two postings on the internet regarding YJ’s recent trip to Wido
(Wi Island); one from a non-fan and the other one from the home
page of the lodge, Geugosegamyeon (It means, ¡°If you go there¡±)
where he stayed. Please enjoy.


[I heard that BYJ is in Wido now.]
08.10.25 17:16

I heard that it has been three days since he came with the staff of his
management company and 3 coordinators. It’s said that he was enjoying
his vacation hiking, mountain climbing, and experiencing the activities of the sea.

I heard that he wore a scarf and didn’t show his face.
It’s said that he didn’t give autographs or allow anyone to take pictures of him
even at the lodge.
Anyhow, the fact that the celebrities were visiting Wido was a good sign.



[Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon stayed at my pIace]
08-10-26 18:13

Hi, everyone;

Hallyu Star, Bae Yong Joon stayed for 3D2N at my pIace, Geugosegamyeon.
He went hiking, mountain climbing, and experienced activities of the sea,
and promised to come back.

I was honored to serve such a famous person.
We couldn’t take group pictures because of the copyright issues,
but I was honored to serve him.
Thank you, Bae Yong Joon ssi and your staff.


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