Friday, October 31, 2008

Yong Joon & Park Sang Woo

today oct 31, yong joon attended the opening of park sang woo [yon garyeo in twssg] photo exhibit.

photo lifted from byjgallery

and here's a short story of the sighting posted and translated by lynnzhoulily/lynn on byj thread @ soompi

Came Across BYJ on Park Sang Woo's photo exhibit (10.31.08)
Posted by 모리스 on KOB
Korean to Chinese by Wonchun/baidu
Chinese to English by lynn

Under the invitation from my sister, I attended the photo exhibition of Professor Park Sang Woo.

To Me, to see Professor Park himself is more important than to see his pictures.

Wait... who's that?!! It's BAE... YONG... JOON!!

Maybe It was still early, when I entered into the exhibit hall, Professor Park was receiving an interview.

BAE YONG JOON was waiting for him as well. Not long after, Professor Park came.

Professor Park and BYJ talked with us for a while and we had tea together.

Professor Park and BYJ are both very charmful. I am totally got attracted. hehe...

It's really a wonderful day!

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