Friday, November 28, 2008

The FaceShop Sales

i'm so glad that mariko translated this news about TFS and shared on byj thread @ soompi. thanks again dear mariko! ^^

currently, the model for overseas is kwon sang woo, but if i'm not mistaken his contract will be expiring in march 2009. could it be that TFS is already talking to yong joon about a possible overseas endorsement? i hope so and i hope that he agrees.

The Face Shop, Enormous Effect of BYJ
From Sport World Article, (2008.11.28)

There is an enormous effect of endorser BYJ to the sales at Myeondong through the influx of tourists from Japan and other countries. The TFS shop counter in Seoul is crowded with tourists in the afternoon on Oct 26.

The tourist who went have both hand full of shopping bags with posters with large pictures of BYJ. The effect of BYJ as an endorser of TFS had been watched closely after his poster appeared in the counter from October.TV advertisement began to show also from this month.

It was found out on the 28th that the average sales recorded the highest in TFS shop counter in Myeondong. Sales increases 2.7 times as compared to the same month of Oct. last year and the Japanese tourists increased 2.5 times as compared to last year.

Sales are presumed to increase all the more this month. At present, the monthly sales increase is about 12.5%.The people in the business world is in unison saying that the effect of BYJ's appointment of being the endorser of TFS is indeed big.

The response is hot even in Japan. At present there are shortage of BYJ's posters and pictures at 10 TFS stores in Japan due to so many requests, It is also known that there are Japanese media who are requesting for TFS selling in Japan during an interview with BYJ.

Because of the hot response from foreign countries, TFS is highly considering hiring BYJ also as an endorser for the TFS stores overseas. The person concerned from TFS shop said that they are carefully examining the contract for the overseas market next March.

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