Tuesday, November 25, 2008

[Trans] BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini

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BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.

Original reposted in Korean: coffeesarang/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan/byjintoronto

[Hyeongji Apparel made a contract with BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.]

2008. 10.10

at a breakfast meeting for Federation of Gangnam Industries

The speech of Choi, Byeongoh, the CEO of Hyeongji Apparel

The speakers usually talk about theories, but he talked about basic respect and care among humans and philosophies of sharing business managements. I respect him. He said that he has been paying everything in cash because he had filed for bankruptcy
when he was young.

He said that last year’s revenue was over 400 billion Won and 550 billion Won was reached this year. He also said that there are over 900 distributors throughout the country and his goal by 2011 is 1 trillion Won.

A few days ago, men’s casual, Arnaldo Bassini targeting middle ages and affordable price men’s clothing, New Man were launched at the same time and the contract was signed with Bae Yong Joon as the model for Aranaldo Bassini for 3 years, 9 hundred million Won.

He said that BYJ probably could get paid 1.5 billion Won for 3 years with other companies, but the industries’ beliefs that resulted from the contract with Bae Jong Ok and Song Yun Ah for minimum of 10 years made his contract effective.

He is a high school graduate and started his business in his mid thirties in Dongdaemun Market, but he showed remarkable leadership compare to those who have doctors’ degrees in business administration

CEO Choi said that he still doesn’t play golf and he has set a goal to play golf when the revenue
reaches over 5,500 billion Won.

I felt his humbleness and personality from every word out of his speech.

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