Thursday, November 27, 2008

the merger

it's been on the news for days now the merger that will take place in April 2009 between Digital Adventure and BOFi.

BOFi actually announced this last November 25 on JOB. click here to read happiebb's translation.

mariko, is so kind to give me some details about the merger [will know the reason for this later but for now you probably have an idea already]. thanks so much dear! i hope you don't mind if i post them here :)

  • BOFi is taking over DA. sounds familiar, right? BOF buying KE. :)
  • BOFi main shareholders are KeyEast 62% and BYJ 32%. According to the basic agreement of the merger of KE and DA, KE will have 62.30% share and DA will have 37.70%.
  • The merger is to take effect in April 30, 2009
  • After which, common securities stocks will be issued.
  • not sure though if DA will have a new name.
  • DA helped organize the event of Song Seung Heon in Japan last March.
  • DA is public listed, and after the announcement of the merger shares of stock rose to 85 yen, an increase of 7.59%
  • DA is more on internet marketing.
  • They deal with various businesses especially for Japanese idols.
i've been hoping that someone will translate one of the very interesting news i've seen yesterday...maybe later. for now, i'm really thankful for all these details from mariko.

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