Monday, July 06, 2009

Bee's moment with Jung Min

I finally got a go signal from Ruby to share her group photo with Jung Min. Ruby is so cute and so is Jung Min. See that carrot that Jung Min is holding? That's from Ruby. ^^ Stuffed carrot all the way from Australia. ^^ Hee, I'm sure you know why she gave her a carrot, right?

After the shoot, if I remember it correctly, Ruby said that Jung Min put the carrot inside his shirt. ^^

Ruby, i think you love Jung Min more than the rest. :)

Btw, when you go see the boys in Aug 1 and 2 don't forget my message to Young Saeng, k? And oh, i'll let you know later if i'll go. ^^

p.s. did you get to upload the video of Jung Min doing the cute thing with his seat?


mel_1223 said...

Thanks for sharing the pic, Liezle, and..Ruby, I am soo jealous of you!

So close to JM, must have felt so good..the stuffed carrot looks great, can feed Mal fully for awhile ^^^. I cant believe you are going to the concert in Seoul, Ruby..!Do take lots of pics to share it with the rest of us..make sure zoom closer to JM, hehehe!

I have to wait til year end to meet him here in Malaysia :(, till then, I hv to be satisfied with all the pics n vids here ^^

CantBeMoved said...

I really like your fan account posted at Hyun Joong Soompi Thread so can I have your permission to move it to Hyun Joong Baidu Bar so that the Chinese fans can read it as well?

liezle said...

hello CantBeMove! No problem please share it but that's already been edited. the whole post can be found in my blog. just check them out.

thanks for dropping by.


CantBemoved said...

Thank you so much! ^^

mel_1223 said...

Btw, Liezle, I just only saw the other post of your PIC in the group photo, finally being able put the name to the face each time I thank you for the great posts of JM :)

You must hv had so much fun in HK, are you going to the concert in Seoul with Ruby too?

liezle said...

hi there mel! i'm contemplating. if i can get a cheaper fare i would, that's what i told ruby too. i'm just waiting... but in oct i'll be in seoul already. but then october is different from august. let's see...

TripleS - Malaysia said...

Oh, What's your message to YoungSaeng, Liezle..eheheh

Wow she going to Seoul concert as nice.

THanks for sharing


TripleS - Malaysia said...

Oh and what did JM do to his seat?..eheheh

Ruby said...

Thanks heaps for sharing the pic here, Liezle~ =)
Oh well, it's been said times but really~ I love all FIVE of them.. equally ^^ & bout our sexiee Minnie, PLS keep it under your hat!! kekeeeee

*mel_1223~ have we talked to each other before? ^^ Oh yeaaa, our Mal does smell GOOD!!!!

*TripleS-Malaysia~ she's so wanna remind him of her Filipino flag ^^ & JungMin had couple attractive poses with his sexy legs while seated ^^

wen0607 said...

Wow...another group photo to share~^^
Thanks for sharing!^^
Envy you gals!
Wow..... ruby, you must be very excited until couldn't sleep cos so close to JM!! keke.....:P

Let's pray hard for them to come to SINGAPORE *^^*

Susan said...

Awwww, Jungmin is so cute with his facial expresssssion :D :D And the carrot+ ruby&jungmin doing the *heart* is so cuteeee! Thanks alot for sharing it with us, Liezle and Ruby! :)

Yes, wendy, hope they'll come to SG end of the year in december, if not we've gotta fly to somewhere to seeee them! (:

mel_1223 said...

Ruby - no, i dont think we talked to each other before, but i wish we did! JM is my no1 in SS501, seems like it is yours too ^^!

Did you manage to talk to him? How did it feel being so close to him? He looked drop dead handsomely gorgeous **gasp**gasp**

All for 규 ♥ said...

Bee is lying when she says she likes all 5 of them equally!!!
I'm CONVIENCED that she LOVES JUNGMIN more than everyone else!!! RIGHT RUBY?! ^^ I knew it the moment I saw this pic!
Anyways, I really felt the happiness in your posts and your experiences in HKG....
And...what's ur message to YoungSaeng? :P

liezle said...

He All for 규 ♥! I've asked Bee that when we here in HK and nah she said that she loves all 5 of them. ^^ She had a moment with everyone except with leader and I think that that's her next goal. ^^

Thanks for dropping by.


p.s. hello mel and Susan!

All for 규 ♥ said...

I hope you're not offended by how I said in my previous post. :D's a private joke between Ruby and me.
Erm..i'm xiaochu btw. ^^

liezle said...

Hi All for 규 ♥ / xiaochu! ^^ of course not dear.

Anyway, I was teasing her when we were in HK too about JM. ^^ Hee, i think she's secretly in love with him and in denial ^^.

Btw, my message to Young Saeng? I want Bee to ask him where he put the 1st flag that was given to him in Thailand. ^^

Thanks for dropping by.^^


All for 규 ♥ said...

U were teasing her that too?! hehe..I think the whole world can see that she's in love with Mr Park. ^^

Ok, I'll remind her to ask Saengie for u! ^^

Oh, and sorry I didnt get to find out the hotel for u.

liezle said...

All for 규 ♥, no worries ^^. one of my visitors replied here when i posted the question in one of my posts.

Btw, I hope Bee reads our comments here. I'm pretty sure she'll still deny it. ^^

Take care and see you around. ^^