Saturday, August 01, 2009

aahh... they made baby cry

in God of Cookery Expedition. They made a prank on him. Poor maknae, we know how sensitive he is.

The host were saying that he should quit the show. The show's 2 lady hosts ended up fighting and maknae was blamed. Check this video that I lifted from keemmeo. Thanks to jinko jinko for the tip on SS501 thread @ soompi.

I know everyone is waiting for news about SS501. Honestly, I haven't seen any yet. It's now 4:40pm in Seoul. the concertwill start in less than 3 hrs.


mel_1223 said...


Since this morning,i keep being so nervous keep down counting the hours. Even though i m at my fren's weddin, my mind keep thinkin of the boys

now i cant sit still, cant stand still, cant do anything at all, so restless here, feel like cryin too for them...happy n so proud that they will hv THEIR MOMENT in a shortwhile time. arggggh!

My heart is beating so fast, my palms r all sweaty, i m realy going bonkers soon!

liezle said...

mel you are funny. it's like you're one of those who's going to perform on stage. ^^

i haven't seen any news yet. it's probably bec all TS in the korean websites are watching that's why we don't get any updates. ^^

it's 6:35 now in Seoul few more minutes and the concert will start. ^^


p.s. i hope my internet speed will improve it's so slow today.

kadd said... heart went out for Baby. He was near tears and was holding back so much in the car! He is totally gulliable and " bulliable". So cute :)

Anonymous said...

Just telling you, there is a version of this with chinese subs (for those who know how to read it) for others to watch.
HEre is the URL:

Anonymous said...

omou omou~~he's so fragile~~damn cute~~waa..want to cuddle him~~

thanks for sharing =)