Monday, November 16, 2009

hyeong supporting dongsaeng

Looks like not only Hyun Joong has a busy sked after arriving Seoul but Maknae as well though this might be personal.

Today, Maknae was seen attending the event of U-Kiss. As we all know one of U-Kiss member, Ki Bum, is the dongsaeng of Maknae.

It's really nice to know that these two brothers are openly supporting one another.

Here's a video which I lifted from and photos from Baidu courtesy of No. 43 Park. Thanks to Mariposa for the tip on the photos.


Anonymous said...

uhmm..what happened to ki bum? he look!

im not digging ki bums look now..but HJB's so hella gorgeous in this shots!! :)

aisling said...

Well I have to say I don't like Kim Bum hairstyle and make-up either, though normally he looks very handsome (but our maknae is more handsome in my opinion D:)

It's so nice of Maknae that he went to support his brother though he must've been really exhausted!