Friday, October 15, 2010

10.15.10 S/Tweet Treats ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

I love today's tweet exchange! But one is missing Young Saeng! It would have been nice to see the four tweeting each other [actually better if five is only Hyun Joong has a a Twitter account too].

Btw, take note that Jung Min does not mention the nick of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun. Many suspect that Jung Min doesn't know how to use the reply in Twitter or use the @.

Face to face or even on Twitter they're the same, yah? Teasing, bullying and arrogant with each other. Just love how these men are.

Read translation of their exchange as translated by Ode on her blog. Much thanks!!!

[Trans] 10.15.10 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by Ode /

Please re-post with proper credits.

***Park Jung Min (^o^)/

@2010-10-15, 6:39 PM
JungMin0403 I'm now more conscious and saw the articles already!! Youngsaeng hyung and Kyujong ah!! Congrats and put in more power, keep fighting more and more and more so as to let us make our successful and awesome congregation!!^^ I'll send in a suggestion proposal kkk
[liezle : does it mean that Jung Min is still taking a rest when he said he's more conscious? btw, hope JM does not only read his timeline but also the mentions]

@2010-10-15, 6:54 PM
JungMin0403 Present!!!! hhh, if it is a gift of the heart, humans will be tamed!! hh

@2010-10-15, 7:26 PM
JungMin0403 Got it hhh, I can fork out time anytime, so don't keep bouncing your time off; that Hyungjun lad ah, keep fighting, if you put in as much effort as I did, you'll gain recognition ya kkk

***Kim Kyu Jong (ノ^_^)ノ

@2010-10-15, 12:13 AM
2kjdream Be the change that you want to see in the world. In the exact way that you want of this world, remember to first change yourself in that manner -Mahatma Kandi- Everyone have a good night today as well^^ Gotta prepare for tomorrow as well ya. Goodnight~

@2010-10-15, 6:49 PM
2kjdream @JungMin0403 Yoohoo thank-you man!!^^ Fighting always!!~~ See you when you're free h, I still have a gift for you~^^

@2010-10-15, 7:00 PM
2kjdream @Jungmin0403 Should have been delivered from the US back then!! you know?! hh

@2010-10-15, 7:00 PM
2kjdream @HyungJun87 What~~ You !! Work hard for your musical rehearsals~~~!!!! hhhh

***Kim Hyung Jun ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

@2010-10-15, 12:27 AM
HyungJun87 @2kjdream Bboong
(Ode : @2kjdream tells him to fighting)

@2010-10-15, 10:14 AM
HyungJun87 Am going to go to do papers interview in such a long while~

@2010-10-15, 6:55 PM
HyungJun87 Why are you people like this!!
(to JungMin and Kyu Jong)

@2010-10-15, 9:43 PM
HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 I will do it better than you!


Anonymous said...

LOL someone teach jm how to reply please? he's obviously answering to their tweets, but not directing it at them!

Anonymous said...

aigoo! our boys are soo cute! i love their conversations! i really do.

is this the first time tt jung min's tweeting to kyu and ys? love it! :) i hope they continue encouraging and also teasing each other.

love SS501!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I loooooovee this soooo much!! It gets better actually with jungmin joining in! Now I understand why he never joined the conversation before, I guess he doesn't know how to work it out!
Work hard everyone, I'm waiting for amazing work!!
Ss501 fighting!!! Dang it's gonna be awesome if leader has twitter too!!

Anonymous said...

"Congrats and put in more power, keep fighting more and more and more so as to let us make our successful and awesome congregation"

PJM's words is encouraging^^ the members really do have plans of coming back together depending on their availability and demand...

hope it'll be very soon-like next year, middle part (hopeful note^^) or will be they be still busy with their solo acts? hmm, time will tell..thanks for the treats!

Anonymous said...

I loved this, too! It's so great to watch them chatting together again. <3 I'm glad JM is feeling better and that he's using his rest to actually use twitter to talk not just post! :D Hope he gets into the habit more!

I love that he immediately mentioned their coming together again. From his interviews, you can tell that he has just been waiting for YS and KJ to sign so that they could plan their group activities ASAP. ^^ He really meant it when he said, "hope we can do group activities once a year" and "just have to set a date to start (after all contracts are done)." I wonder if his "proposal" is from his company to the others' companies to start planning together. With solo activities scheduled for the first half of 2011, SS501 can return by next summer! :D

Anonymous said...

Comeback stage in next summer? Oh, still too loooooong to wait, please please hurry-up, just can't wait to see you all, I have to wait the concert DVD everyday to comfort myself a little bit!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are so lovely. Regarding the DVDs...has the Korean version of encore with Eng subs come out yet? I really want to buy it. Will there be one for the concert at saitama too?