Sunday, October 03, 2010

[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mischievous Kiss Filming Site 101002

We are down to our last 3 weeks of Mischievous Kiss and each episode has become more and more interesting.

I was watching episode 10 yesterday with English subs and cannot help not to get emotional too to the pain that Hani was experiencing especially after she stopped stalking Baek Seung Jo after learning that he and Hae Ra were living together. Likewise, I was so giddy when Seung Jo looked for her and approached her at the bench and telling her, in a manner that he's making her more jealous and wanting to see her reaction, that he eat meals at the restaurant or else someone prepares it for him. That it’s not lonely living by himself since he’s usually with Hae Ra. Seung Jo was so mean but cute for not telling HaNi straightforward the truth. ^^ At the same time, I want to knock some senses on HaNi's head and her friends. I want to tell her to stop following Baek Seung Jo and let him miss her. Clueless Seung Jo needs some realization.

Now, can't wait for episode 11.

Anyway, while we wait let's busy ourselves watching fancams, viewing photos and reading news. Here are some fancams posted by Marvie. Thanks! Thanks as well to LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG Perfect, Yes and hj12260606 for the vids.

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Anonymous said...

HJL is so polite. He keeps bowing to the people. Love that about him. Also nice to seem him cheerful in spite of the low ratings of PK. I hope that he knows that the low ratings is not his fault. He has improved a lot as an actor. The 2 noonas who look after him must love him, ha. I am glad they've stayed with him after DSP. I am sure HJL must love them too.

Anonymous said...

I want their job,,,:))