Friday, December 31, 2010

Jung Min's Comeback Announced @ 2010 KBS Music Festival

At the 2010 KBS Music Festival that took place at KBS Hall in Yeouido last night, SS501 fans were surprised to hear and see clip announcing Park Jung Min's comeback in 2011.

Here's the cut of the short clip that I lifted from SS601 as posted by 쭝깍지.

To replay, right click and click play.


Anonymous said...

oooooh, me like, me like!!!

MinnieMe4PJM said...

I really like this. I can't wait. I know you will do well my darling JungMinnie! FIGHTING!!!

Poshdrive said...

Eh...I thought he doesn't want to dance... heez... Didn't expect this is a fast track...

But then we can always expect the unexpected from Jung Minnie right?

Anyway, Jung Min definitely can have a bombastic come back!!

Anonymous said...

i was watching the show live yesterday...i was already shocked when Big Bang name was called out and at JM's part, i was lucky that my whole family was out for dinner 'cuz i screamed like crazy when they announced his name and his face pop out in the MV..i almost fell off my chair..i was so happy!!! i never realize 'till yesterday just how much SS501 have effected me..i love them all! JM fighting!!!

Anonymous said...



we miss you.^_^

sinthia said...

OMG I loved it sooooooooooooooo much!
I can't remember the last time I have been so excited about something like I am after see this teaser!!
He'll be incredible for sure!!! I'm crazily looking forward his comeback!!! =8