Thursday, January 03, 2013

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min in KBS Cool FM Kiss The Radio

On New Year's Eve, Jung Min is the guest DJ in KBS Kiss the Radio.  Here are official photos from KBS webby that I lifted from the post of ALLFORPJM in Baidu.  Much thanks to @yyann for the tip.

Jung Min is looking good in his dark fringe.

Now that you've seen the photos, here is a video shared by JungMinShine in her YouTube channel.  Much thanks to Unknown for sharing on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

still as cute as ever! please don't ever grow up :)

Anonymous said...

Its so much fun watching Jung Min talk, he talks so fast and so much facial expression, really cute. I enjoy watching him do visual radio shows. Jung Min is so sweet. Love that cake~~~~~

Anonymous said...

aigo, jung min ssi >.<
so handsome

ys said...

His screaming at 27:40 and again at 29:58 is so funny! And the two ladies were cracking up. I keep replaying both sections.