Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Looking Handsome Despite the Messy Hair & Dirt

His handsomeness still cannot be hidden despite the messy hair and dirt on his face.  Cute Hyun Joong!

Heaps of thanks to KE for sharing the photos on Hyun Joong's official FB fanpage.  Thanks as well to jennywill for the article on AKP.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong transforms into a flower boy beggar
Source: Kim Hyun Joong’s Facebook
by jennywill / AllKPop

A set of photos were recently uploaded onto his official Facebook page along with the caption, “Flower? Beggar…“. In the photos, he sported messy hair, had dirt all over his face, and even wore worn-out clothing and had on gloves full of holes. He was holding a money can in one photo and pouting in the others, but also showed off bright smiles in other pictures.

He was parodying the popular ‘Gag Concert‘ segment, ‘Beggar’s Class‘, in which comedian Heo Kyung Hwan portrays a good looking beggar and is dubbed the ‘flower beggar’.

Upon seeing the photo, fans commented, “Beggars who look like that won’t ever starve…“, “He looks perfect even as a beggar“, and “He looks so cute!“.


Anonymous said...

Lol!!! What a cutie-pie! For someone who dislikes making 'aegyo' he sure looks adorably cute! Hyunjoong-ah, if you ever become a beggar, people would probably be eager to bring you home, especially noonas and most of the female persuasion. Could just imagine the fracas - ladies fighting with each other to bring you home haha!

Anonymous said...

Love this beggar so much.
HJ is handsome with any clothes, in any angles.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha super cute HJ!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

liezle, have you seen leader's wax figure? its out already and i'm disappointed they didn't really do such a good job (the figure's face was too skinny). surprised you didn't update that on your blog, or did i miss out?