Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Pix & Vid] Hyun Joong 'Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED in Saitama 01.12.13 by MurdererQ

Tonight, Hyun Joong made a lot of fans happy again as he performed in front of them for the 'Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED' Nagoya leg.

Shoving here another set of nicely taken photos by MurdererQ that I lifted from HERE.

Again, here is a simple reminder to fans. Please DO NOT edit the photos of MurdererQ. As always, thanks again for taking beautiful photos of Hyun Joong and sharing them to the world.

※재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

Here is a seven minutes video from tonights show taken from ThemurdererQ's YouTube channel.  Please DO NOT EDIT and/or RE-UPLOAD video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

※ 嚴禁修改及切勿再上傳在線!!!
※ 재업로드, 2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 映画の転载・二次加工禁止です!!!


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong was the best tonight!!!! Me and my jap friends, we cannot forget this night at nagoya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezl, Thanks for posting. This is his second concert in Nagoya (the first being on Jan 11). He is evolving as a performer and as a singer. He is doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle for posting this! I read that last night was a blast with the fans being totally enthusiastic! Hyunjoong must be really exhilarated with the response so far from his 4 concerts. We are so happy for him too, after all he totally deserves the love and accolades from his fans as well as the public. He's an amazing artist but most importantly, he's a wonderful person, inside and out. Love him always!

Anonymous said...

Bruise on his right elbow... he must have got it when he jumped and landed between the beds... funny guy.

Glad that he is doing very well, HL fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is totally awesome. He sings more than 20songs by himself so greatly and arranged his old songs for tour by band music. So i love hj' love like this. How can he improve every perfomances? I'm soooooo proud of Hyun Joong. Every songs he lived this tour are high quartified and good to hear.

Anonymous said...

So proud of his achievements. A far cry from when he started. Now he can sing very well live and in succession. His determination and skills has paid off.

Loved him since and love him even more. He has maintained his lovable charm. Adore his music too.