Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Trans] Info About Young Saeng Album & Membership Info

Oh yeah, he's been so silent yet working for the completion of his album. I hope now that a bit of info is out, we will get to hear more about Young Saeng in the coming days.

Much thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for translating this information. 

[Trans] Y.E.S YoungSaeng Album Info + Membership Extension Info
Credits : BFC-[Y.E.S] (email) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &



* Heo YoungSaeng Album Information
* Fan club extension request bonus information


[Heo YoungSaeng Album Information]

Heo YoungSaeng is preparing for the release of his 3rd mini album!
Heo YoungSaeng’s 3rd mini album progress?

- 80% of album recording has been completed
There might be additional songs later, currently left with mixing and mastering.
- Album jacket photo shooting has been completed!
Currently left with photo selecting and designing.
- Title song(????)
Title song has been decided since the early stages of album production, currently practicing dance choreography with dancers!
- Music video shooting
Music video will be filmed in the last week of January!

—–> Album release schedule
Album production is on the go, targeted to be on sale on end February~early March.
We will announce the confirmed release date later on.


[Fan Club Extension Request Bonus Information]

Y.E.S membership period extension request has started.
Extension request period is different based on the join approval date.
We have sent mails about the extension request based on member’s membership period expiry date.
Please remember! To check the mail.

Y.E.S extension request members – Bonus goods

We are issuing membership cards only for the very first batch of members.
As a bonus for the members who requested for membership extension, we are having goods selection.

OO wants the Y.E.S goods! Hope that OO can receive it! Etc etc…
Please leave a tweet to Y.E.S_STAFF twitter account if you have any queries.
We will consider the goods selection.


**not too sure about the “goods selection” thingy though..


Anonymous said...

Finally there is news about YS's new album. Looking forward as well for this time round. I know that he will never fail us. Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

omagawd3x!!! >.<
already finished the process and just to film an mv??
now, his silent makes sense~ XD
oh GOD just please let him have a better promotion time for this album than let it go and definitely than crying..
wait, does this mean that he will be promoting same time with hyun joong??

not that i'm complaining~

Anonymous said...

Saengie is a great and talented singer, and I've been waiting endlessly for his new songs and buy his albums (for sure more than one). Really really hope this time he'll have his own concert/ fanmeeting in Korea, good promotion and some overseas activities. This could be our YES fans last chance to see him sing and dance before he goes to army (after army, change to another agency please). Saengie fighting and remember your fans always support you!!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is coming back in summer. That would probably be in June.

saengprince said... make me happy for this news... i didn't know you work hard for this coming comeback... so, your silent makes sense.. before that, i'm so worried about you but not now anymore... young saeng fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm anticipated of what kind of music/genre he will showcases in his album now since we already seen him with almost every kind of it..
i would love to see him back doing ballad and show his angelic voice to the world~ well that just me XD

Anonymous said...

anon 5.02am
awww that's too bad~ i thought we will get to see some hyunsaeng moment... :(

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Saengie rock and dance for the theme song. Then of course ballad in the album - as always. His voice makes the songs a gem, so doesn't matter what genre or language as long as he comes out and sing :-)

Anonymous said...

i guess he probably going to do the same concept like before since the statement says "he's currently practicing dance choreography with dancers"'s not that i don't like him dancing, but i just want him to do what he does best..with ballad he can really captivates people's heart and not be compared with other young and more good looking+figure idol~
his voice alone is heaven >,<
anyway gud luck saengie!! <3

Anonymous said...

is he gonna release his japanese album now? i thought that he already did. but did all the 5 guys released their japanese album? can't wait price new album.:)

Anonymous said...

There could be potentially a hyunsaeng moment if HYS will release a single first then the album next. It gives them 2 comeback stages on different months.

Based on their history, they release the songs with a few weeks interval. While the other one is going to the last weeks, the other is coming in. That is how i reckon will happen. But who knows? I am hoping that SS501 members are feeling the fans' eagerness to see them in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Liezle for the posting!! Really appreciate it. I'm praying that the album will come out in March (as announced now), which has been delayed from June to Sep to Jan to Mar.... Miss him badly!

Anonymous said...

I have asked my Korean friend about the 'goods selection' translation and below is what she told me:

B2M plans to give some Y.E.S goods (or gifts) to those fans who requested for membership extension. So, they are asking you guys, what goods (or gifts) do you want? They are collecting your opinion. They said "Please send the message by twitter if you have something you'd like to have as a gift. For e.g., I want OO (something) for the Y.E.S goods or I hope to receive OO (something)". I hope it helps you.