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[Trans] Young Saeng as Mentor in MBC Star Audition

Finally, some news about Young Saeng.  Much much thanks to cllslam10 for sharing this transltion on StylishHYS.blogspot.

A video is embedded to this post below, so check it out.

[Trans] MBC Star Audition 3 Special Mentor Heo Young Saeng Appearance, 20yrs-old Girl Group Contestants Went Crazy

Source: Newsen
Chinese Trans: 王小卯0317
Eng Trans: cllslam10
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Heo Young Saeng as a special mentor appeared stunning everyone.

On the broadcast of 4 Jan MBC's 'Star Audition - Birth of a Great Star 3' Heo Young Saeng as a 1-day special mentor appeared stunning everyone.

20yrs-old girl group contestants mentor Kim So Hyun introduced Heo Young Saeng as their 1-day special mentor. Heo Young Saeng and Kim So Hyun collaborated during the 'Three Musketeers' Musical.

Heo Young Saeng gave Kim So Hyun's mentees sincere heartfelt advice and attentive teachings which lead to great response. After Heo Young Saeng heard Lee Hyeong Eun and Kang Ye Rin "Only You", he commented, "Can you do an octave higher? The original song is very sexy. But you did not showcase it out, might as well try to go an octave higher."

Heo Young Saeng also stand on the stage to demonstrate to Lee Hyeong Eun and Kang Ye Rin, giving his warm guardian creating lots of laughter.

Here's video of Young Saeng from 'Star Audition' courtesy of colorfullshine's YouTube channel.

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