Monday, January 28, 2013

[Vid w/ Eng Subbed] Heo Young Saeng CUT on MBC Star Audition - Birth of Great Star 3

Heaps of thank you to cll_slam10 for doing this and sharing on @ StylishHYS. With Young Saeng's comeback this certainly will make his fans anticipate for him more.

Note from cll_slam10 : I would like to apologise if there are any wrong translations, for the subbing wise, this is the best I can do.

Chinese Trans: HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans & Subs: cll_slam10 @ StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits


Anonymous said...

thanks for the video~ :)
ys is soo cute and professional of course..keke

Anonymous said...

Prince is so cute.
And that stare of his and smile just drives me nuts, I love It.
Can't wait for his comeback =)

Anonymous said...

While he's so lovely and a bit shy, his comments are professional and carry the weight in improving the group's performance. Glad that people recognize his music talent. Very proud of him^^