Sunday, March 10, 2013

S/Tweet Treat from Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun

Hyung Jun's concert last night was a success and Kyu Jong made it special for all Triple S when he graced the concert and came up on stage.

Last night Hyung Jun tweeted and thanked the fans. Here is translation of Hyung Jun's tweet courtesy of @xiaochu1004.
@HyungJun87Saying Thank you once again to all who have joined me in my first solo concert. I felt really happy and satisfied. I also want to make a bow again to all those who underwent so much hardships. It is a happy weekend.^^ hwaiting

This morning I woke up with a nice tweet with photo from sweet Kyu Jong. I guess he joined the after concert party celebration. Here is translation of his tweet. Thanks again to @xiaochu1004.

@2kjdream Baby Jjuni concert was totally so fun ♥ all thanks to all the shoutings from 2nd storey, my throat hurts today ㅠ Jjuni jjang jjang jjang (*jjang = best) I love you ♥ And YS's album will be released soon!!! Totally love the songs ㅠ YoungSaeng hyung hurray ♥ hyung, how do I look~~

So, the shouting at the second level came from Kyu Jong and friends. ^_^ Really sweet, yah?

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