Thursday, March 14, 2013

[MV] Young Saeng's The Art of Seduction

The music video is out and I am late. ^_^

Young Saeng's 'The Art of Seduction' from his LIFE mini album is full of cuteness. Compared to Young Saeng's previous songs, this one is more upbeat and the music video as well as the images from the mini album is more colorful.

Check out the carrier single of Young Saeng's LIFE album 'The Art of Seduction' which has a catchy lyrics and beat.

Please DO NOT download and upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.  Watch it only on B2M's official YouTube channel and LIKE it if you may.

And I am shoving here few more images from the album. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.


ys said...

What a bright and fun MV! But who are those two men at the end? Why are they there?

Anonymous said...

Totally falling for YS!! He stole my heart with such naturally cute dimple face and happy image. His voice makes every song a gem. When you think he's perfect, he can still get better and better and make us love him more and more everyday.

Love the MV, it has so much fun and humour. Even the crazy fan is lovely, though the behaviour is not encouraged, I'm sure YS fans are totally with her. Who doesn't want the smiling otter YS singing and dancing in front of us - it's our dream comes true^^

Anonymous said...

they are actually teamates of young saeng in the football team and the tall guy is actually the one in music and lyrics where saengie sing ost for him..

Anonymous said...

Dear fans, please make sure you watch YS MV in Youtube to make it million ASAP - the views count in the chart. Also vote in Mnet and promote him in any way you can think of. This may be the last album and MV as he'll be going to army this year. He has given the best music and performance to us. It's time for us to repay and show our love to him. Saengie and his fans fighting!!

ys said...

@10:20am - ohhhh, I see. Thanks for the info!