Monday, March 18, 2013

[Vids] Young Saeng Weekend Comeback

Since I was not able to blog since Friday, I am going to post here comeback of Young Saeng in music shows that I failed to post over the weekend.

Much much thanks to everyone who shared tips via email and on the sidebar. I really really appreciate them.

Here are Young Saeng's stage comeback from different music shows performing with so much cuteness 'Art of Seduction'.

Here is March 15th stage in Music Bank lifted from the YouTube channel of KpopStreamKBS

Shoving here March 16th performance in Music Core.  Video is lifted from the YouTube channel of KMusicLiveMBC·.

And last is March 17th  comeback in Inkigayo. Thanks to shirbogurl5 for posting on her YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

His SBS Inkigaya performance is the best and too bad we can't see it now. The angle of the camera, the stage, the fans chanting and of course YS performance (as always) all perfect!! Hope someone will upload again in YT.

ys said...

Agree! Inkigayo performance is the best one so far. He's getting more and more confident and enjoying himself. Poor hard-working shirbogurl got her video blocked! Here's a link to KMusicLiveSBS's version.
Keep up the good work shirbogurl and all your channels! And Liezle of course!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much and really grateful for the link - I'm jumping up and down like the crazy fan in the MV...hahaha... YS performance in Music Core is actually also very good - only if you watch Madeleine fansite's vid. Music Core's official version is badly filmed, the timing and angle are all wrong, which reflect YS awesome facial expression and dancing at all.