Monday, March 11, 2013

Few More Vids from Hyung Jun 'The First' Concert 03.09.13

There a many videos being posted here and  there from Hyung Jun's 'The First' Concert that was held last Saturday, 9th of March in Seoul.  I am shoving few here just in case some have not seen them yet.

Much much thanks to veggiedelight for sending the following links to my email.

Kyu Jong on stage with Hyung Jun. Video courtesy of kyustory224's YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload the following videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Hyung Jun performing 'Love Like This' and 'Oh Ah'  courtesy of jh Obsess' YouTube channel.

Below is the list of set list from the concert. Thanks to @HyungJun_news for tweeting.

[SetList] 김형준 콘서트 Kim Hyung Jun in Seoul 2013.3.9

1. Sorry I'm Sorry
2. Just Let It Go

3. I AM
4. Oh! Ah!
5. 다른 여자 말고 너
6. 잘못 걸었어

7. 달콤, Every Day
8. Heaven
9. Falling Slowly (기타연주, 영화 '윈스' OST)
10. 내 머리가 나빠서
11. 넌 감동이었어 (성시경 곡)
12. 그대 사랑합니다 (팀 곡)
13. 사랑한단 말도
14. So Sick (Ne-Yo 곡)
15. Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake 곡)
16. 잠 못 드는 밤

17. Girl

18. 강남스타일
19. 널 부르는 노래
20. U R Man
21. Love like this
22. 나쁜 남자라서

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