Thursday, March 21, 2013

Overload of Young Saeng Cuteness

Heaps of thanks to shirbogurl5 for sending the link to her YouTube channel where we can see an abundance of Young Saeng's cuteness.

Check this video out and see what I am talking about.


etet said...

OMG!!!! Can it get any more adorable?!?!? Although I must admit he had me LOLZ ... Hmmm... And yes you are finger licking cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Our cutie prince got #1 album sales in Gaon chart from Mar 11-16!!!! Congratulation YS^^

Please continue to support him!!

Anonymous said...

Lol~ at the end it mentioned something like a 28 yr old gwiyomi right? You really can't tell his age with his abundance of cuteness :D

Anonymous said...

anon 11.54
really?? wow..congratz saengie!! so proud of him ^^

his cuteness is just natural~doesn't need an effort at all..LOL XD

Anonymous said...

Waiting for his first cup.

Anonymous said...

@5.40pm Yes, that's true. Getting #1 at the Gaon Weekly Sales is quite an achievement, even though he is so talented. Remember that Saengie has actually no promotion from his agency, and there are only 52 weeks with so many groups and singers in the competitive K-pop industry. Love and support Saengie forever!