Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Vids & Pics] Hyun Joong Zipping Off to Japan 03.23.2013

Hyun Joong left for Hiroshima, Japan yesterday and fans saw him off at Incheon International Airport.

Here are photos from Hyuniversal care of shutterbug Pluto of the good looking Hyun Joong

Following videos were lifted from YouTube. Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

First video is courtesy of  HollisHyun

Up next is from KingHyunjoong

Last video is from onlyleader HJ


Anonymous said...

So handsome, manly, polite.
Love HJ so much.

Anonymous said...

Finally it's last stop of unlimited tour. Congrat Hyun Joong!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, he is truly the walking statue! Gorgeous, gorgeous boy/man! He has truly grown into one, fine, beautiful man! No wonder DSP aggressively promoted him as the face of SS501 since debut.
Who can forget that face?

Anonymous said...

*.* so handsome!!