Monday, March 11, 2013

Young Saeng's Comeback Schedule

@YES_STAFF tweeted earlier the comeback schedule of Young Saeng.

For easy viewing, I will just enumerate below the schedule that @YES_STAFF tweeted. Much thanks to @xiaochu1004 for the translation on Twitter.

Young Saeng's Comeback Schedule

March 14 - Mnet Mcountdown
March 15 - KBS Music Bank
March 16 - MBC Show! Music Core (recorded)
March 17 - SBS Inkigayo

There will be a fan signing event on the 16th and 17th of March in which details will be posted on evening of Wednesday, 13th of March.


Anonymous said...

How come I have a feeling that B2M is rushing everything and that our Saengie will disappear in 2 weeks like last time.... I hope I'm wrong. Really miss YS who has very few activities and appearances. His other member in the army is more active and more appearance then him. All other members already have solo concert or showcase or fanmeeting in Korea except our main vocal angelic voice....

While I wish his agency could love him MORE, which we have no control. Therefore, let's give Saengie our full support by buying his albums, voting for him, increasing his MV views and promoting him whatever way you can think of. The most important thing is: LOVE HIM MORE^^

Anonymous said...

YES!! Let's love him more :-)

saeng prince said...

@4.55am...huhu..i felt the same here, but i hope it's just my feeling and not true... if that's happen, it's really disappointing...
he's main vocal but there is not much activities in Korea like others members, even maknae already have concert and acting as main actor...
young saeng needs more recognition ...young saeng fighting and yes we will love him more:)

Anonymous said...

i will always support this otter prince!!

Anonymous said...

Though YS is not well loved or promoted by his agency, but good that he is widely recognized in Korea as an excellent singer and role model. Confirmed by the social award he won, his album sales (better than many singer even with little promotion), TV programs/ interviews he was invited to, and many die hard fans..... We all know he's still underrated which is somehow a compliment - better than being said overrated.

Also, my Korean friend told me that she did a research and found that YS is well respected and recognized as a great singer among the singers (which shouldn't be a surprise to us as from time to time we heard other singers praising him). But what I'm trying to say is that I introduced YS to this new (and my only) Korean friend in Canada who is a PhD student who previously only watched drama.... I'm so proud of myself and Saengie...hahaha. She is super sweet and fluent in both Korean and English, and promised to do translation for our YS fans if needed. Anyway, love you Saengie and fighting!!

Anonymous said...

To overseas fans, you can order YS albums from his Korean fansite (with English translation):

I also order through YesAsia. Both sales count towards the chart.

Also remember to subscribe YS Youtube account, and increase views of all his MVs on Youtube. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@2:04 PM LMAO!!! Is that a dig on the most popular one? I don't think his fans give a hoot to the dissing since to them his talents are more than good enough. About saengie's album sales, I often wonder about the individual album sales of each member, so, what constitutes good album sales for a fan, may I know? The only one I tend to hear about is of course, the leader, who seems to sell albums by the truckload! Anybody knows where a fan can find this kind of info? I like to compare their solo achievements as compared to their group one. Should be interesting to find out if they are more successful as a solo artist or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

the individual album sales of each member is about...
(not exact,especially korean version. there're few information except HJL)


1st mini(kor)100,000
limited edt. 10,000

2nd mini(kor)110,000
limited edt. 10,000

1st single(jpn)123,000

2nd single(jpn)233,000

1st album(jpn) 77,000


1st mini(kor)29,000

2nd mini(kor)13,000

1st album(jpn)4,283


1st Mini(kor)10,000


1st mini(kor) 13,000
repack 3,000

2nd Mini(kor) 5,500

1st romeo single(jpn) 4,324

2nd remeo single(jpn) 5,449

1st romeo album(jpn) 1,903


1st mini(kor)10,000

2nd mini(kor) 7,000

1st single(jpn)4,760

1st album(jpn) 3,187

Anonymous said...

Where are TripleS?
Why sale numbers of 4 members are so low?
Poor boys.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I'm sorry I asked but thanks for the info @1:01 PM.
I can't quite believe that the other 4 members have so few fans. Forgive me but the difference in album sales is so great between the leader and the 4 boys. It is no wonder then why some TripleS are urging for a SS501 comeback. But, will it answer? The saga continues...

Anonymous said...

I see YS is the second best among the group.
4 boys need to work more hard to get more fans.

Anonymous said...

boy over flower make it kim hyun joong more famous that's why! but if the other stars acting more than they would get more attention too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe other singers and groups are more popular than SS501, I won't change as they are not my type. YS has the best vocal and he is well respected and recognized by many singers and music professionals. McDonald maybe popular but I just don't like to eat burgers, just an example.

Anonymous said...

That's right, other singers has nothing to do with me. I'm just so proud of YS and being his fan.

BTW, the album sales are not that accurate. They have more than that. I know YS has about 40K in Let it Go.

ZhIyInG~ said...

Well, many feel that he has too little promotions but I think it's okay to have little promotions. Too many activities will only make him more tired. I rather see him be healthy and happy instead of appearing so often. He releases one album each year on average. The wait is long but I feel that it's completely worth waiting. Maybe that's what he want, to be able to spend a long time making the type of music he likes and different styles for each album. As for album sales wise, i think it's commendable. He alone can achieve so much as a soloist who doesn't appear much on dramas is good! True enough, he is underrated in Korea. Maybe it's because he doesn't make those kind of really catchy music which makes it difficult to leave a deep impression on people. But on the other hand, some catchy songs are just brainless and stupid in some sense. I would rather he make good music. But he is really popular overseas. Have you all realised that his videos are all flooded with comments from Mexican, Spanish and Arab fans? I'm happy for him they he gained recognition overseas:)

Anonymous said...

actually all the members are really popular overseas especially the leader. i guess each of them is trying out their own type of music and leaving their own impression on the public. whether it's good music or otherwise is very subjective, isn't it? different people have different taste so let's not be too disparaging on the genre of certain music just because we don't like it or to point out your favourite artist uniqueness.

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