Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wonderfully taken pix from Encore

These are wonderfully taken photos of each of the member of SS501. Love love it when I first saw them on They're worth saving! Go and grab 'em. Click click and save now!

Much thanks to Imane for shoving them here.

Btw, don't forget to enlarge them when viewing, k? They're much better seen BIG. Hee, I think Imane used the medium option to post these photos. I will edit later. It's 6:20am where I am and I still haven't gone to bed since I came home from meeting up with friends. ^^ [Hee, busy updating photos on FB]

SS601+ 见图LOGO


Anonymous said...

aiish!...SS501 fast losing in the poll voting.....simply click left blue button (under their pictures) kindly help by casting in on your votes...please... hurry!

-concerned SS501 voter

sYa said...

hehe..young saeng seems 2 hav developed a belly..hehe =p