Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Vid w/ Eng Trans] Why did they cry?

Okay let me stop blogging about my experience for a while as I may be boring you. Let me show you now this vids during the emotional moment of the boys during the last night of Encore.

I somehow knew that the 2nd night of Persona will make us cry and I was not wrong.

Before going to Olympic Park I remembering telling J_Girl and V telling that I hate thinking that Persona is ending and that this is the last time I'll be seeing the boys together before they come up again with their next album.

When SS501 were seated readying for 'Green Peas' a video was played showing how the boys were during their 5 years together with the song 'Wings of the World' I got emotional already on this part. J_Girl and V already saw Kyu Jong crying before the lights focused to them again.

In the video he keeps on wiping his eyes. And the fans started to chant "wool ji ma" which means don't cry.

Then Leader talked and started to cry. Below is the English translation of what the boys said during this emotional

Thanks to ltstraus for uploading on her YT the video with the English traslation by littlelover@KHJ Int'l Forum. Original video is courtesy of HSScandal.

After this emotional moment when they were singing 'Green Peas' you could tell that they were still all emotional. They can't even singing the lyrics of 'Green Peas' almost all throughout their song. And the fans were not throwing too much stuffs on them to unlike the other 'Green Peas' performances.


WINGYAN said...

i believe most of TS will cry after seeing Hyun Joong cried

shrimpy said...

Oh gosh..I cried and I'm not even there at the concert *sniff sniff* It really was a touching moment for SS501 and the fans. Thank you for sharing this with us Liezle! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Here is the video:

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 1:48.. thanKYU for the video clip you shared... it made me emotional as well, realizing that 5 years maybe short but a lot of things happened for SS501 and tripleS

they truly deserve the fame, respect, honor and wealth earned

marydewitt said...

yes, at zone C, I saw many TS crying as well...