Friday, April 30, 2010

Bae Yong Joon & Kim Hyun Joong in a project?

Yeah actually some Anonymous tip me about this and have also read the news HERE.

Actually I have been blogging and tweeting about BYJ and Park Ji Young's 'Dream High' project. [to read about 'Dream High' click 'Dream High' on the label] Could this be it? Or there's another one brewing. Wow, this is so exciting if this is true.

P.S. Btw, just last week I was just talking to someone about a possible BYJ and HJL project. Oh geez, I remember when I also talked to someone about a So Ji Sub and Bae Yong Joong collaboration before. And it turned out then that SJS signed a contract with BYJ's agency BOF after his military duties.


Anonymous said...

Wow i cant believe this. Omg, let their collab be true. Its a dream come true byj and khj that looks alike ^^ work 2gether..
Actually when i read about dream hight project b4, i thought: oh byj is looking for an actor, so i thought why not hyunjoong? Kkk and have a little wish byj try to cast KHJ.. But bcause BYJ partner is JYP i didnt dare to hope much.. Bcause i think 99% the cast would be fr JYP entertainment artist..
But wow? See.. I really wish KHJ next project is with BYJ..

latigre said...

OMG..! Let it be true! That would be awesome! Thanks for the news

pand0ra501 said...

Wasn't there something that HJL said about going to work on a new drama??? maybe is this it? Oh, I hope so!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful news, if it comes true. The story line of Dream High sound very interesting, and I definitely would watch it. Will both of them be in the drama?

It's interesting to read KHJ news associated with other companies beside DSP in a short span of a few days. First is the Gummy's MV - YG Entertainment, then BYJ's drama - JYP Entertainment. I don't know much about Korean entertainment industry. But it's nice that artists in Korea from different companies can do cross collaboration.

Anonymous said...

wooooowwwww... that would really be great..a BYJ and KHJ 2 fav Korean artist....I had a huge crush on BYJ in Winter Sonata and The Legend..and was drawn towards KHJ in BOF because there were so many scenes of KHJ that reminds me so much of BYJ and now this..that would be a huge huge hit and success (whether it's a drama, movie or any activities that had the 2 of them together)..Hope it's true

Anonymous said...

I think if KHJ can split his contract w/ DSP (for SS501 activities only) and the rest he is free to work with whoever has the good business sense (read enough resources,network, effective public relations, etc)then KHJ will have a fuller control of his destiny .In short, non-exclusivity contract then he is freer to help develop the Hallyu market .

Anonymous said...

Woooow!!! What a great news if this is true? I can't believe it!
Please please let this be true. This will be a fantastic combination of two most breathtakingly beautiful men in the world, in and out.