Friday, April 30, 2010

[Trans] Message from Kyu Jong mentioning 501 Day!

Kyu Jong just left a message about a few minutes ago in DSP webby. Here it is...

Much much thanks to Lois for the fast translation on her blog. Oh yeah, at the end of the message Kyu wrote 'KYUL' and according to Lois, it's one of the many nicknames of Kyu Jong. Hmm, could it be that 'KYUL' means 'cool'?^^ Anyway, per Lois, Kyul (귤) in hangul means tangerine (orange's friend)^^.

Btw, for me, no matter when SS501 releases the new album it will still be 501Day. ^_^ Yeah!


[KYU] 1st of May... 2010-04-30 pm 9:26:19
credit :
Korean to English Translation :

1st of May is near at hand.
I'm trembling &
The 1st of May will be remembered as precious time for me & you after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 10 years & several decades. ^^ right?
I always say "Thank you" but I REALLY thank you.
Until now, it's been happy moments for me since the day we met first.^^
And it'll be.
Forever ^^
Thank you ♡

'Waiting for 501 day
from KYUL'


Below is original message in hangul.

규종 : 5 월 1 일 .. 2010-04-30 오후 9:26:19

얼 마 안 남 았 네 요 .. !!!!!!

떨리기도 하고.. 긴장되고.. 음음..
5 월 1 일 이라는 날이 일년뒤 이년뒤 삼년뒤 십년뒤..몇십년뒤에도..
나에게는 그리고 우리에게는 소중한 날로 기억될거예요..^^
그치?! ^^
고맙단 말 늘 했지만 정말 고마워요 . 나란사람에게는 우리가 처음만난 날부터 지금까지..
너무나도 행복한 순간이었어요..^^ 앞으로도 그럴거구..
영원토록..^^ 헤 고마워 ♡

' 501day 를 기다리며... from 귤 '


mi said...


chaez said...

thanKYU liezle!
actually i don't understand.. so i use google translate.. here is the rough traslation from google..

KyuJong: May 1 .. 2010-04-30 9:26:19 PM

Do not freeze in the South guess it yo .. 4 !!!!!!

And trembled also .. Being nervous .. Mmm ..
May 1 after a day one year after two years after 3 years .. 10 years later after decades ..
Precious to me and we'll remember the day .. ^ ^
Right! ^ ^
But I always say thank you very much.. For who I am far from the day we first met ..
It was so happy moments .. 9 .. ^ ^ I know what the future
Thank you forever .. ^ ^ H. ♡

'501day waiting for ... from orange '

*the 'gyul' word translated into 'orange'*

mi said...

ss501 will came to taiwan at 6/26!!! beacuse Golden Melody Awards !!!
taiwan news about ss501

liezle said...

thanks mi for the news. i hope dsp confirms this. ^_^

didaLavida said...

yup, i also used translation prog to translate the word by kyu.. but seem weird to be understand.. anyway, still got the main point from that...

:: khalanita said...

well... let me help you a bit with the translation... jajaja i'm still not that good at korean so take it with a grain of salt ok!?

It's not much time left .. !!!!!!

I'm shaking and Being nervous .. Mmm ..
May 5th, one year after, two years after, 3 years after 10 years after .. Even after decades ..
we'll remember the day.. Precious to me ^ ^
Right! ^ ^
I always say thank you very much. For being side by side me from the day we first met ..
I have so many happy moments .. .. ^ ^ It's going to continue
Thank you forever .. ^ ^ H. ♡

LHL said...

出处: DSP

2010-04-30 21:26:19


对我以及对我们来说在记忆里 把它作为珍贵的一天..^^

感谢的话 虽然经常在说,但是真的很感谢。
对我这样的人 从我们最初相遇的那天直到现在..
直到永远..^^嘿 谢谢♡

等待' 501day ... from 奎 (Kyul)'

it says

Not long more!!

5/1 this day, no matter it's 1yr later, 2yrs later, 3yrs later, 10yrs later...XXyrs after too...
in our me and to us...will treat this day as the most precious day...

often saying thankful words, but still really very thankful.
to me this kind of person.. from the day we first met till now...
very happy/bless moment...after today will still be...
tlll forever...heh! thank you!

Anticipate 501day....from Kyu

liezle said...

Wow thank you guys for all the translation you did after I posted 'looking for trans'. Really appreciate your effort.


tetsu girl said...

just reading KJ's message, i burst into tears! T_T only the guys of SS501 can make me cry with their sincerity. <3

every day since i "met" SS501 has been happy for me, too, Kyu, and you're right, it will continue. ^_^

even without the album (or with some album photos as YS hinted), May 1st is still 501 Day. if 6/08 (debut anniversary) is the day to celebrate SS501, then let's make 5/01 the day to celebrate Triple S and their love for Double S. <3

lois said...

oh I should've translated KYUL.
haha. sorry.

귤(kyul) is tangerine (orange's friend) in Korean, not cool. ^^