Friday, April 30, 2010

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong - "I'm David S/S" Photoshoot Making

Oh wow, one video after another. Thanks Imane for sharing this YT vid here.

Ahh, Hyun Joong is soooo adorable. How can anyone not stop liking this fella, tell me?

I'm David S/S Photoshoot Making


Anonymous said...

He's very comfortable and adorable in this photoshoot. It's impossible to take my eyes of him.

Anonymous said...

With the curly top he had in Bangkok concert he really looks like the Biblical David. Where is your Goliath that you slew David ? Ahhh,he is the model of models

Anonymous said...

Sooooo adorable and handsome, leader! Agree to above anonymous that he looks like Biblical David. Can't stop watching him.