Friday, April 30, 2010

[Announcement] To All Triple S & Saengfam members

I'm posting this here on behalf of smallwolf who asked me to re-post their announcement with regards to the opening of their new webby.

If you are a Young Saeng fan be sure to visit their site as they give fast update on Young Saeng. Some of the members of Saengfam are the ones supplying my blog photos of Young Saeng.

Congratulations Saengfam!


Dear all TripleS and Saengfam members ,

As you know, It has been a long time since the first days we met and shared our love to Heo Young Saeng on Facebook. We’re very happy and highly appreciated that there’re more than 1.370 members, joining and discussing together here until now. However, because of the openly interactive quality of facebook, we find it a little inconvenient for all TripleS, especially YoungSaeng fans, to express our feeling and share our full love here.

Finally, we decided to create the first fansite of Heo Young Saeng in Vietnam. This will the home for all TripleS, especially YoungSaeng fans, to update all lastest news about SS501 and our otter bad boy, share beautiful shining photos, videos, make friends and more…. Today, the 501 day, Saengfam Vietnam officially opens our website. Hope that, together, we can bring Heo Young Saeng near and gain many precious memories with each other.

Warmly welcome you to
Together, the world will always turn around HeoYoung Saeng and Saengfam forever
Forever 501 day of Saengfam

Saengfam Vietnam

Saengfam Vietnam fansite:

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BEE said...

Thanks Liezle for news update ^^