Saturday, June 05, 2010

SS501 Love Ya & Let Me Be The One Performance @ Music Core [10.06.05

Thanks Marvie!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ENERGY they showed in their Love Ya performance today! So intense!

did you see how jung min fixed his blocking at the end?

and the smile of young saeng is to die for, yah?

Credit : CrazyCarrot250@youtube

the contour of leader's chest is very visible yah?

what did i say... young saeng is a simple flirt yah?

mucore perf is way better than mubank

funny how we reacted when the camera panned to the violinist for quite a period of time

during let lmbto can't help but notice that sexy charisma is at work ^^

maknae is extremely handsome when his sexy forehead is shown

sorry but again i noticed jung min sexy tush during lmbto though he's wearing coat. ^_^

oh yeah, i just realized in love ya that jung min has a pair of sexy eyes.

the last synchronized jump always makes me giddy. i don't know why.


Anonymous said...

ahh you guys at mucore are soo lucky! if i ever could see jungminnie (in rl) i would totally faint haha
great performance btw!

salty seaweed said...

i totally love the rap part! and jungmin's leg looked sooo longg ans sexyy haha

Anonymous said...

mal is simply hot hot hot! and ys's simple flirt...AWHHHHHHHHHH

amazing comeback fr 5 very awesome boys!

Summer A. said...


Anonymous said...

this cb was heaps better than last night's one. better camera angle, sexier clothes, more energy...just perfect tonight. sensational! hands down boys.

Sinthia said...

ohh it's a long time since mal makes me faint cause that pair of sexy eyes... he has such sexy appeal!!
you are so lucky can see them so close!
thank u for all your reports of their comeback... ^^