Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong @ the airport presscon

Here are Leader's latest photos from Gimpo airport where he gave a brief presscon. It's just a short presscon since everyone wants cares for his health.

Thanks to Shirley for some of the additional photos.

Btw, sorry the posting is a bit messy. I wanted to to post them chronologically but I've to hurry for another meeting in a while.

Fans and media at the airport to welcome Hyun Joong.


finkle said...

Thanks Liezle you are always so fast!! Leader looks the same as always.. haha and the sight of so many mikes stuck together amuses me :P

wen0607 said...

I just saw the photos from korean sites...... anyway, thanks for your fast updates too^^
Glad to see Leader in good and healthy conditions^^

finkle said...

Oh ya Liezle, I think your heading is wrong.. you put Baby's name :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle, glad to see him back !
Hope he will continue to rest a little more.

Anonymous said...

fans and DSP should leave him alone..
hes just recovering, stalking him wouldn't do any better..
i think hes never gonna have a privacy for his life..

Anonymous said...

Leader's managers, both brothers.

Thanks for the update. At least he is back to his country.

charmedbyhyunjoong said...

Thank God he's well and back to his homeland now but really needs lots of rest still, can see from his eyes he's still not feeling very well.

TripleS - Malaysia said...

Thanks Liezle,

So sad to see his pale look..but glad he is fine now..just hope he get more rest in Jeju... HyunJoong Fighting!

Thanks Liezle for the fast update. You too must remember to rest. We always say, to SS501, we can wait.. as for you, we also can wait for news... Take good care.


mel_1223 said...

Oh ..HJ Leader does not look like he is in a healthy condition at all. He still looked so weak and so tired.

HJ Leader, please hope you will rest well more longer in Jeju. H1N1 is really no joke. And looking at the list of all the work lined up for him waiting when he recovers back is really alot. Oh please oh please leader hope you dont go and push yourself hard if you have not fully fully recover yet. Rest more at Jeju...

devalmy84 said...

can describe how much i miss him...
He looks ok now. Iam sooooooo happy.

I was quite stunned when seeing a bunch of mikes stuck together. hahaha just looks like a pack of ammunition :D

Mellz said...

Thanks Liezle, for your fast update.
Glad that he is out and able to see him again.
Wondering and curious about what he said during the brief presscon, love to hear his voice.

eikisonata said...

thanks for the update. seeing his face make me more relief and i think i can go home without worries.

thanks again

liliya said...

not fully recovered yet.

Wait for videos

cagc01 said...

aww..i missed him! so hapi to see him back, but still need to rest!

with or without make-up he's still gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!
So glad to see him back!
Leader! Relax and enjoy your time off in Jeju.

Anonymous said...

oh mine, the airport is full of people welcoming Leader back.

tira said...

Thank you for the fast upload liezle!!!! Agree with Mel, he look not tht fully recover. Just hope he'll be fine and be healthy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle..miss him so much..hope he get more rest at jeju..

Jennifer said...

Welcome home Leader!!!
And have a good rest in Jeju. :D
He still looks good with or without makeup.

Thanks for sharing the news.

Anonymous said...

he look so sick!
im sad,
but hepi he know okay!

Luann Julz said...

Hyun Joong Oppa~
do rest well... we still worry bout u even now... u need to get more rest.. and eat well too..
hyun joong oppa~ hwaiting!!

quizzy said...

glad he's fine.. im happy:)
rest well then:)he's been gone for awhile and sure i miss him! seeing him now feeling better is a relief..

same with finkle, amused with those microphones.. hehe

thanks liezle!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back KHJ and we are happy to see you. We hope for your speed recovery and very much thanks to your loving Mom for taking care of you. We really miss you.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see he's back ok thou he still looks tired and pale.

Leader, thank you for coming back home safe!! Please take a full rest. Your being healthy is what we want most from you.

Thanks Liezle for the good news.