Friday, September 04, 2009

Persona in Taiwan finally confirmed!

I had this in email when I arrive at work. Much much thanks to shirbogurl21 for giving the details. Waahh, i'm really going to miss this one. Who are going?

from Broker Brothers Herald HP

Concert Location: Taipei Arena
Concert Time: 2009/10/17 7:30 PM
Ticket On Sale: 9/5 (Saturday) 1:00 PM
Ticket Price: 4500/3900/3200/2800/2400/1800/1300/800

During the first week of sale, you will receive a limited edition poster for each ticket purchased. Limited amount of 5000 posters
Maximum of 4 tickets per person

*How to line up for standing section will be announced at the concert location at 8 AM of the concert date. Do NOT line up before that.

Ticket Website: click HERE


I found this news article on Quiante501. Thanks to SS5014ever/rj for translating and sharing.

09/03 Taiwan concert news+ details

Credits: Yahoo TW + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501quainte501

SS501 to hold concert at Taipei Arena on 17th Oct, to donate 100 per ticket for the flood crisis

Korean idol group SS501's Taipei concert date is finally confirmed! The concert will be held at Taipei Arena on the 17th Oct, 730pm, at the same time the 5 members are very concerned about Taiwan's 8th Aug flood crisis, and have decided to donate NTD100 for every ticket sold to charity, doing their part for the victims.

"SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taipei Concert" ticket sales will start simultaneously at all Rose/Tachung Record stalls across the country this Saturday (5th) at 1pm. Each person is limited to 4 tickets, each ticket purchased prior to 12th will receive a limited edition poster, limited to 5000 pieces, online sales will open after initial sales have ended; for more details please contact organiser Rose Record's customer service hotline: 0800-000-802, 02-2389-0829.

Also, SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong's popularity explodes! In the "2009 Seoul Drama Awards" online voting, he beat Lee Jun Ki and Lee Min Ho with a high number of votes, becoming the "Best Male Actor", the charm of Yoon Ji Hoo sunbae is really shocking; and "Best Female Actress" goes to Moon Geun Young. The award ceremony will be held next Friday (11th), 6pm at Seoul Olympic Park. [liezle : Will Hyun Joong attend?]


Shirley, I really really envy for going. If only I can move my trip to another date.

Again, who are going? ^_^

p.s. so what was previously announced as ticket sale [Aug 29] was not true. What happened to the fans who lined up for a week before ticket sale?


liliya said...

Here is the confirmation from BBH for Persona in Shanghai

SS501 1st Asia Tour PERSONA Shanghai

Date : November 14 2009

Venue: Hongkou Soccer Stadium

shirbo said...

those went home after spending like 5 nights out on the street and was very upset!!

liezle said...

oh, really?! poor Triple Ses.

who announced it then? Rose record bar?

btw Shirley, i didn't notice that there's no place where they can buy/get the ticket. you know where?


liezle said...

Shirley, nevermind it's there on the Ticket Website [toink!] ^^


shirbo said...

yeah but the online goes on sale a week after. first week you can only get the tickets in store. Rose record announced it before. yeah they really got attacked for it. but it was miscommunication between the organizations

bb said...

actually alot of taiwanese fans paid runners to queue up. and quite a number of fans continued to get these people to queue even after rose has announced that it would not be selling the tix on 29th aug. so yea, some of these 'runners' have continued to queue.

i heard that they're paid TN80/hour for queuing.

liezle said...

thanks bb and shirbo for the info on the miscomm date.

geez, it has become a business. ^^ the taiwanese tickets are more expensive then if you count the fee for the runners.