Saturday, November 06, 2010

[Trans] Hyun Joong Left Message on his Kr Website

Today, Hyun Joong left a message on Here's translation which I lifted from Ode's blog.

Cute... cute... message as always from Hyun Joong. He really seems to be happy! ^_^


Korean to English translation by Ode /
Re-post with full credits please.

Message: ........... @ 2010-11-06

Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ........

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection - which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I'm happy, these days ^^ Why, because I'm able to do the things I want, to my hearts' content ...

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kk
At that time, I'll also carve you guys' name on there kk
If I can do that

...If I can't, I'll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk

What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk
Anyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I'm melancholic, I'll appear for once, and I don't even know if I'll give a Christmas present or not ...kk
Keep anticipating, won't be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won't be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT
Don't say bye just because you can't see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren't able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I'll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ........kkkkk

I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we'll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you


Below is message in Hangul and capture from khj0606.

[현중닷컴] 우주신 : .....................

아고~~^^자고일어났더니 허리가아프네 오랜만의 긴잠이였어 .........

나어제부로 드라마 끝났다 ^^ 4달간이였지만 음 다시한번 정이라는것에

놀라움을 느꼈어 4달동안 같이있다보면 미운정고운정다들고 떠나는아쉬움에 아쉽더라고

이제 자고일어났으니까 중국노래좀 외워볼까나 ???????????

바쁘다진짜 힘든게아니라 행복하다 요즘에 ^^내가하고 싶은일 맘것할수있어서 ...

나사에 왕복선타고 화성에 내싸인할때까지 ㅋㅋ그때는 당신네들 이름도새겨줄께 ㅋㅋ할수만있다면

...내가못하면 유언을남겨서 먼 미래의 내 혈육에게 ㅋㅋ

일어나서 뭔헛소리냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아무튼 다들긍적적으로 살고있나 ????????

내가우울해질때 한번 나타나줄께 크리스마스 선물줄지도몰라 ...ㅋㅋ기대해 별건아니야 쪼꼼 기대해

나이제 티비많이안나와서 우짜지 ㅜㅜ 못본다구 안녕하지말고

공부하고 내조하고 남친한테 못해준것들 잘다독이면서 있어 ㅋㅋ

엄청난 앨범으로 나올꺼니까 만원 모아놓고 ......ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

난 축구나하러 다녀야지 ~~낼부터

즐거웠어 ????????4달동안 ?????? 같은 하늘을보면서 멋진미래를 함께 꿈꿔나아가 보자구



Anonymous said...

Hi Liezl here's the translation :
Hyun Joong Left Message on his Kr Website
Posted by liezle
Today, Hyun Joong left a message on I'm still waiting for translation.

Meanwhile here's the message he wrote and the capture of his message that I lifted from khj0606.

Ago ~ ~ ^ ^ Let's happened in a long time and he will be right back ......... ginjamyiyeoteo

Part naeo a drama, but well done ^ ^ four months two have once again called on the affection

When four months have felt like surprises miunjeong ahswipdeo gounjeong got all that to regret leaving

I'm obliged to sleep noraejom oewobolkkana China ???????????

'S hard to really busy lately, but I am happy ^ ^ mamgeothalsuiteoseo Whatever I want ...

NASA to Mars aboard the shuttle but your name engraved ㅋgeuttaeneun naessainhalttaekkaji ㅋ ㅋ'll ㅋhalsumanitdamyeon

... I'm leaving a will if my blood to distant future ㅋ ㅋ

Anyway, everyone got up and blah blah blah mwonheotsorinya someone living positively ????????

I'll show blue sunset time for Christmas will not, um, maybe ... ㅋ ㅋgidaehae forward jjokkom

Can not see a lot of TV annawaseo woojjaji nayije ㅜ ㅜ nine Hey, do not

My boyfriend and I have failed to do studies of the Housewives got jaldadokyimyeonseo ㅋ ㅋ

're Going to come as a huge album put together ten thousand won blah blah blah ...... ㅋ

I come to football I have to go ~ ~ naelbuteo

Nice to meet you ?????? ???????? 4 months Looked to the sky like a wonderful dream of a future together, let's further

^ ^ Ssiyu

liezl hi! how's the traffic yesterday hope you are fine......

liezle said...

Hi 6:55. Thanks!

Came home so late. Drove for 2 hours.^^


Anonymous said...

Aigoo aigoo, how cute and how alien his message is :D I can't believe he still has such alien thoughts :D If aliens abducted him, he'd be the happiest person ever being abducted :D

Apart from that I'm happy cause leader is happy. I think he meant DSP by "now he can do what he wants". I respect KE for taking good care of our leader.

So he's preparing something for us for CHRISTMAS??? Will be waiting for his solo album and already saving my money :D

Anonymous said...

Haha our dear alienic leader!!^^ Really since I've heard that he'll be appearing for the opening ceremony, I just can't stay still! I'm immensely happy to hear that he is happy!:D All thanks to KE who is making our leader's dream come true! Now only left the space travel! So nice of him, he carve our names on mars??lol He wont be appearing much on TV? I'll miss him! Leader fighting, I'll anticipate your solo album! I'll play lottery in the mean time!XD if I get to win I'll buy loads of CD and distribute to the TS who cant buy. Ahh if I get even more money, I'll buy a space shuttle for u!lol

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Anony at 9:39 you are in love with HJ. Can I hitch a ride in that space shuttle,too ?

When HJ writes its always awesome.He never writes ordinarily always out-of -this world ...alien mentality ? That's HJ for you and me ...he always say or write something that will make you think ,then make you smile,then make you love him more !

Anonymous said...

Our beloved 4d cute, sweet and yes alienic message ..soooooo love it..and the things is he always thinks about his whatever he do or plans he always include lovable and sweet...his messgae really made me happy coz he can now rest and put some weight KHJ ok??? yah..looking forward to Asian games 2010 singing the theme is such an honor (though the organizer sucks hmmp)..anyway be happy always and will be supporting whatever you do or plan..even anticipating the Christmas Gift..thanks Leader..fighting...

Anonymous said...

He seems to be happy this last few months. Even when PK was not doing well in SK rating but they know PK is no. 1 on Internet viewing even before the Ytube series. He seems to have enjoyed the company of the PK staff and casts esp. Jung Somin and "Eunjo".

Anonymous said...

Omo!! Suchs a 4d boy! He is really cute! But I'm happy, now he can do what hw want to do

Anonymous said...

Yeah, our 4d, one and only leader, so happy as he feels happy and he can do what he wants to do these days! Go, go, go to be a universal star!! We'll be with you till the end.