Friday, November 05, 2010

Notice from CNR

Heaps of thanks to Ode for translating CNR's Nontice from regarding it's opening on her blog.

Geez, keeping track of the favorite boyband individually is quite tiring with so many websites to look and search. Hee, but hey, isn't it that we were worried before if we can get news about them since the announcement of them doing solo activities? ^_^ We've became such worry-warts before but look how things are now. Info are coming one after the other.


Notice from CNR
Korean to English translation by Ode /

Hello, this is SS501 Park Jungmin's agency CNR Media.

All this while we weren't able to have a mean of communication with all the fans at all, we felt so helpless in many areas.

In order to create a pleasant environment for all fans to congregate together, we have been putting in a lot of effort, so more or less so, the procession had to be delayed. We ask for much of your understanding on such inevitable matters.

For now, Park Jungmin is in midst of preparing for his upcoming release of his discography work that is to be published on November 25 as well as digesting several Japan's work schedules; he has no time to breathe at all, however he still personally gave much suggestions for his official homepage and worried alot on this and that.

On the other hand, a few sections where communication could be relayed is now open for service, and soon, Park Jungmin's gallery, movie, news etc will be gradually open for service as well. Though our preparation time was much longer than originally promised, please do keep in mind that Park Jungmin's care and thought for his fans is what the first and foremost point that really matters.

We ask for your much love and concern in future days to come.

Thank you.

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