Thursday, December 06, 2012

[Article] Hyun Joong Donated to Red Cross

I read this on the news earlier and it was tweeted by @violet606 that Hyun Joong secretly donated 50 million Won to Red Cross

Here's the English translation of the news courtesy of elliefilet of AKP.  Thanks!

[News] Kim Hyun Joong revealed to have anonymously donated $46,000 USD to Red Cross
by elliefilet / AllKPop

It was recently revealed that the anonymous person who donated 50 million Won ($46,144 USD) to the Korean National Red Cross is in fact SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong.

One insider stated on December 6th, “I heard that Kim Hyun Joong recently anonymously donated 50 million Won to the Korean National Red Cross to help out those in need.” The Red Cross commented, “It’s true that a famous celebrity donated 50 million Won on December 3rd. The donator insisted that he be kept anonymous, so we cannot reveal his identity.”

Kim Hyun Joong also seems to have kept it from his own agency, Key East, as they reported they knew nothing of the donation.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of being your fan;)

Anonymous said...

What else can you say about HyunJoong? His heart is just filled with love and compassion. I hope and pray that he'll receive many more blessings in return for his generosity.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong has donated a few times since he became solo artist. He don't want to make a big fuss and donated as anonymous but it seems someone always can't wait to spill the beans.

kudos for his generosity to those in need!

Anonymous said...

I heard news about Hyun Joong's donation so many times!!!! You are great. I learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Good guy and always full of generosity. But when he made it clear to keep it a secret, there is always someone who knows. That makes me wonder!!!

Anonymous said...

As always from our Hyun Joong !

He not only help with his money but also his physical,ex : participates in a marathon to help raised money in support children affected by cancer, volunteer to delivering coat to neighbourhoods in needed and etc.

I believed there are much more donation that we don't know about,these donation that been revealed are only because medias and some ppl able found out (he's a big celeb anyways)

I remember his 1 million pesos(USD 22,000)donation for Abiertas House of Friendship in Philippines, He donated in early 2010 but ppl only found out 6 months later,and not by Korea Media but by fans then Medias picked up the story and reported it.

Kim Hyun Joong FIGHTING !!!!

Anonymous said...

i read the allkpop post. quite sad when others think the worse of the donation, instead of looking at it positively. oh well, he still gets my highest respect.

Anonymous said...

well, that is not considered as a secret anymore~ LOL

Anonymous said...

hi, @11:10 PM
we can not control how those people to think & act.
if gossiping in that way can make them happy - then it is hj's POWER :)

to those not appreciate the other’s contribution but like to distort the love & heart of the one ... “hay, everyone is capable to be a charitarian. To help the others in need we do not need to be the billionaire or the wealthy one. Charity is an activity that you give out your money, service, or ideas to help those in need. hj he is not stingy with aid, then what do those people complain & make fun about ??!!

I am happy to hear the news of hj helping the others. Secret or public? again he makes me a proud fan (^J^)

Anonymous said...

Celebrities' anonymous donations sooner or later become known, whether it is a day or a year later. People are excited, they talk, the press picks it up. Regardless of what others may say, they can't put a good man down, one with good intentions. Proud of HJL.

Ling said...

Leader, you always makes us proud and true as predicted before, you will always be the lead example to show your talent, your looks and your most warmest and sincere heart to the world