Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hyun Joong's Unlimited Album Attracting Attention

In today's news, I read that Hyun Joong released the lead track from his Unlimited album in Japan today, entitled 'Your Story'. The album which is to be out on the 12th of December is already attracting a lot of attention as he plays band music in this album.

In the 45 seconds teaser video of 'Your Story' Hyun Joong showcased his charisma with his powerful voice and guitar playing that was released on the 28th of November.

Hyun Joong's first Japanese album contains 14 songs, 'Your Story', 'Save Today' and 'I'm Yours'.

By the way, you can download 'Your Story' in iTunes.  You may click HERE to download.


Anonymous said...

Downloaded thru iTunes and i must say that the sound has a haunting effect. Sort of tugs my heart. It is a melancholic song, much different from his happy songs. The short teaser emphasizes that feel.

What i like about hyun joong's songs are the high quality of sound and musical arrangement as well as the feeling they evoke. I don't really understand the lyrics and i can't be bothered. Crazy fan? Hehehe. For sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't even need to understand, just listening to him and looking at him is enough.

He has tried another approach to his singing,emoting as well.

I don't need another drama his MV alone says a lot.

His album is worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Good one fr hj. It will be a hit again. This guy never seize to amaze. Soooooo proud of him.

Anonymous said...

I love Hyun Joong's voice.