Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hyun Joong Scuba Diving in Jeju

It has been known that Hyun Joong went scuba diving in Jeju and only came back to Seoul tonight.

Here are photos of Hyun Joong shared in Weibo as well as the translation of his scuba diving skill. Thanks to veggiedelight for sending them in my email as well as to Much thanks to @howlovelylala for the translation in Twitter.

Hyun Joong : My octopus friend.

[Eng Trans] Review of scuba-diving w/ 김현중 at Jeju http:// Hallue star Kim Hyun Joong visited Jeju island for scuba-diving tour with GAG Leisure guide, Lee Won Young!!

During the tour from Dec26 to 29, we did total 7 times divings including 1time of deep-sea-diving, 3times of fun-diving, and 3times of night-time-diving.
Through this tour, HJ could upgrade his scuba-diving skill more. Once he finish ice-diving planned in Jan, and 60 times logo, he can complete the course of CMAS MASTER DIVER.

That's all for the review of the tour with HJ^^

Hyun Joong back at Gimpo from Jeju.


Anonymous said...

omg, are Koreans so acclimatized that they scuba in the cold? I know Jeju is in the south, but it is still freezing! idk, are people allowed to dive that many times aithout risk?. Oh well, I guess the dive master knows the limits, hence only one deep sea dive.

Anyway, congrats for the scuba accreditation, leader can and does go for everything, the more challenging, the more interesting it is for him.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong, it's not a vacation, no resting.
OMG, always hard work.

Anonymous said...

Naturally good-looking darling hyunjoong, even with wet, messy hair*** I'm glad he's able to get away for a while to do his own thing with his friends. Don't worry, he has always been interested in challenging himself and as long as he finds it enjoyable as well, then good for him***

Anonymous said...

Wow Hyun Joong is really handsome handsome handsome even with wet face!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy behind the Hyun Joong is in LOVE lol

Happy New Year everyone!