Monday, December 31, 2012

[Trans] Kyu Jong's S/Tweet Treat for the New Year!

Kyu Jong greeted us via sweet tweet treat for the coming year. Here is translation of his tweet courtesy of course of @xiaochu1004 shared on Twitter.

@2kjdream : Happy New year. Have a happy new year pretties. Let's spend 2013 with a kind heart, filled with laughter and sharing happiness~~

It will still be quite a while before we see Kyu Jong. But for so long as he keeps on tweeting once in a while and we are getting bits and pieces of photos, I am fine with it. I am pretty sure that Kyu Jong is doing well and doing his best to serve his country as well.

Happy New Year, Kyu Jong!


Anonymous said...

happy new year wuri kyu! what took you so long to tweet?!

Anonymous said...

i miss kyu..happy to see his tweet..yeay,u r right liezle, as long as i can see his tweet,photo or letter, i am fine with it..^^

ilya ka said...

this is first commenting blog i will be very happy if you would share more about Kim Kyu Jong! I like your blog and Ss501 hwaiting!!! Happy New Year!