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[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun Interviewed 121214 by StarUpdate

Heaps of thanks to K-xeiti of OnlyMin for sharing the following translation of Hyung Jun's interview that came from Star Update that happened on the 15th of December at Park Nai Lert Hotel (Swissotel Le Concorde).

[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun Interviewed 121214 by StarUpdate
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The founder of ‘CSR Campaign Together for Green World’ opened the room for Journalists and Press to interview Kim Hyung Jun at Swissotel Le Concorde on December 14, 2012

MC: It has been long since your last visit, don’t you miss Thailand?
HJB: I haven’t been here for a long time but I feel that my Thai fans still giving love to my old band. I, personally, have a good relationship with Thailand so I really appreciated and honored to join this event. I also expected a lot from this event.

MC: We would like to hear you speak Thai, could you speak some new Thai words?
HJB: Wait a minute…Thai people are kind and very nice (laugh). I learned some words yesterday and wrote it down on my hand but now those words are already faded away. I tried to remember but they are really difficult. (Smile)

MC: Can you talk about the works that you are working on right now?
HJB: Throughout the years, 2011-2012, I spent most of the time working in Korea and Japan. This year my second mini album ‘Escape’ and new album in Japan are released.  I have 2 series and now filming new movie.

MC: Are there any place in Thailand you would like to visit during this trip?
HJB: I actually have in mind some places that I would like to visit. I have been to Phuket and Pattaya when I was travelled with my family. This time I would like to go around Bangkok but because the time is limited and I only stay here for a short period of time, I feel regret that I don’t have enough time.

MC: For your new album ‘Escape’, are there any difficulties in making this new album?
HJB: For the mini album ‘Escape’, it has 5 songs in it and the kinds of songs are the style that I like. The songs are including Tango, dance and ballad. I really pleased with this mini album. However, the MV was filmed in summer, I was really tired. Also, in this MV I was working with the other 3 actors this made me really excited working with the front role actors. 

MC: What are the impressions from filming this MV?
HJB: There was one scene that was really fun, but I can’t really say that it was fun though. In this scene I have to run away and there was a waterspout in front of the scene set because it was during summer there were a lot of mosquitoes. So when I ran the mosquitoes flied into my mouth and nose and that made me tired of it. 

MC: Because you look sexier in your new album, we would like to know that what sexy woman will be like, from your perspective?
HJB: A sexy woman for me, she need to has high self-confident and needs to know herself very well about what she is good at and what is her charisma and can show out her good side perfectly. (Laugh)

MC: Now you are filming new Movie, could you share us about the beginning of this work and your feeling towards it.
HJB: I have a chance to work with producer Kim Kee Doc* who is internationally famous. Because I got to work with him, I am really appreciated it.  This movie called ‘Actors are actors’, it is about the actor who has reached his peak in his career but at the same time he also fail down to the lowest point. There are many famous actors/actresses starring in this movie. For me this is my first movie so I am really excited and feel honored to be selected to star in this movie and work with famous director and actors/actresses. Also in this movie, there is a comparison of the character and the actors, so as I am also an actor I really enjoy working on it. This movie will be showing in cinema next year.
 *(Onlymin: I am not sure if I translated the producer’s name correctly. Sorry if it is wrong.)  

MC: Now you have experiences working as an actor and singer, which one do you especially like?
HJB: For both acting and singing I can’t choose any, if I have to choose only one. Actually before started working in this career I have a dream to become an actor. This year I have an opportunity to star in 2 series, I can’t say that I don’t like being a singer because being a singer gave me this opportunity to become an actor. So I would like everyone to remember me as both actor and singer.

MC: Will u have a concert here in Thailand in the future for Thai fans?
HJB: I have a very tight schedule this year so I didn’t have a chance to open concert in Thailand. So in this event (Thai Korean Friendship Festival 2012), I will sing 2 songs for my fans. I hope that we will get to do activities together at the opening and closing ceremony. For my concert, it will be holding in Thailand or not this is also depending on my fans. If they want me to have a concert here, I also would like to have my concert here too. So far, I have talked with my agency’s president and we planned to open concert in Indo-China but this is also depends on the love of all fans if they want me to open a concert here then I will definitely come. (Laugh)  

MC: Because you have a lot of works you might be very tired, what are the ways or methods that you used to release your stress and tiredness?
HJB: Even though I have been working hard but I have my own way of releasing stress. When I am tired or stress from work I will searched for activities I love to do. As a man we love to play football so I spent most time playing football and going on a road trip with friends.

MC: Do you have plan to do anything or go anywhere during X’mas this year?
HJB:  Also for this year, I planned to stay with my family. (Laugh)

MC: Are there any special things you brought for your fans this time as you will be joining TKFF2012?
HJB: This time I came as a guest so I didn’t prepare much. But because I came here as a singer so I prepared songs and some Korean cultures to share with my Thai fans. I might not have to prepare much of special thing that is because it has been a long time since my last time visiting Thailand, so as I will be spending my time with Thai fans this is already really special.

MC: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your Thai fans?
HJB: Firstly, I would like to say Thank you to all fans who always and have been giving me love, I hope that we will love each other for eternity. Also, Thank you for all the supports that you sent to me which made me became who I am today, to become me as Kim Hyung Jun. Thank you for making me able to sing my songs and have an opportunity to star in series and movie.  Lastly, Thank you all of my fans and hope that you will always giving me your love and also Thanks for giving and sharing your love to other members. Thank you very much. Happy New Year and Merry x’mas.

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