Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photos of Kyu Jong from Park Kang Min's Tweets

Park Kang Min [@parkggang37] revealed several photos from his tweets today. Two photos shows silhouette images in which PKM said he will reveal who and the third one revealing a photo of handsome Kyu Jong.

Here are the photo that @parkggang37 tweeted. Do let us know if you think that the silhouette images are that of Kyu Jong.

First photo tweeted
Sedong photo tweeted.
The last one with Kyu Jong.


Anonymous said...

woah i must be mad but i thought i read park jungmin and not park kangmin. in my heart i was thinking "really?? didn't recall minnie tweeting kyu's photos but i'm glad they met up" lol. oh well, i hope they do someday, soon!

Anonymous said...

Kyu is soo handsome glade we are uptaded with photos every once in awhile

etet said...

Oh La La.... Tis the season!!! ^^