Wednesday, December 05, 2012

[Trans] Message from Hyun Joong

I am back and doing a bit of updating. I was out on a business trip. Aside from the slow internet connection, I really could not find time to update. Work starts at 6AM and ends 12MN for 3 day.

Anyway, to start off my updates. I am shoving here Hyun Joong's message that he left on his Korean official website. Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation shared on Quainte501.

[Trans] HyunJoong, 21st story ‘.......’

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hi, How are you? These days, I’m practicing for concert and have a lot of thoughts about this and that...thinking about it..
Weather is cold and I tried to make a (Christmas) tree, I am the person who celebrates Christmas the earliest in this country heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year^^
I will be writing a serious message very soon ^^;; ah, and Matic shot for Olleh commercial, try finding him^^ Quick quick quick came out 2 seconds
But seems to come out better than his owner.. - -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; He knows how to earn his own money so I’ve no worries^^
Anyway, this is the tree that I’ve made this year ^^Don’t catch a cold and let’s be happy


Anonymous said...

Cute and sweet thoughts.Yet always out of the blue comments.That is what I like in Hj...unexpected,random and not your ordinary messages.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong always make me happy just by his simple message.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful message in his 4D style..that is hj. The only one beautiful man...

Anonymous said...

Quirky and cute. Am referring to both the message and the tree. Love it when he is in such a happy mood and makes these messages.