Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Vids] Jung Min's Guesting in KBS World Arabic

Shoving here Jung Min's guesting in KBS World Arabic. Much thanks to veggiedelight for sharing the link. I hope that someone can give us idea what have been said in the interview. ^^

Following videos are lifted from kbsworldarabic.


Anonymous said...

What did he say? Hope somebody has the time and willingness to sub the video.

ys said...

Hi, I understand only about 80% so I'm not qualified to translate the whole thing, but I'd like to share my favorite section which I think many of you will enjoy. Part 2, 8:17 – the fan who made the Tom & Jerry doll for him ended her letter with 'I love you I love you I love you I love you.' So at 8:17 he says I love you to her in Arabic and gets help from the interviewer. At 8:28 he tries to get Tom to clap but his hands are connected so he says "can't clap." He takes out Jerry and says "He has no hands...Jerry doesn't have any hands. It makes me sad." (Literally "my heart hurts.") Then touching Tom's head, "the hair is too delicate." At first he worries about Jerry, then his vanity takes over! Now that's the Jung Min we know and love!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha thank you! Miss Jung Min so much... I was glad to see him in the interview even though i could not understand most of it