Tuesday, August 04, 2009

time for kyu jong pix attack! #1 [14 pix]

I'm finally able to post Kyu Jong photos which I have since I got to work ^^

Here's first batch of the photos that I lifted from SS501 thread @ soompi that was posted by stayfreemymisery. Original credit as tagged + ss501 baidu + KKJ baidu

This first batch consists of photos from the encore where the boys are having fun running around the stage playing with water canon, singing and dancing. Kyu Jong is looking so boyish in some of the photos with the cap on.

Additional from www.wong jamin.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Liezle, finally... Kyujoong's pictures....at last.

I knew you'd use all ur connections to find his pictures.. incidentally, i've read shirbogurl is havin a survey .... did you get the chance to read her request?

thanks a million^^ -(A)