Monday, September 14, 2009

Hyun Joong & BoF cast @ Yokohama 09.06.09

Finally a video from the 09.06.09 'Boys Over Flowers' Premium Event Promo @ Yokohama. Again, much thanks to shirbogurl21 for posting this on her YT channel. Credit also goes to YT ying5387isme and KNTV. ^_^

Hyun Joong look much better on the 2nd night than on the 1st night.

In the video you'll see Lee Min Ho singing portion of Hyun Joong's interview and a short Deja vu performance of SS501.

I'm supposed to post Leader's clear photos from the 2nd night but I can't access my other email add where Shirley sent them. Argh... this is so frustrating! I now have internet connection but I cannot access all the stuff I prepared for posting tonight. Darn!


wenn™ said...

can you translate the vid to englsih ?

miyo said...

Thank you for sharing this video.
I had a good laugh watching it.
I suppose they might release dvd for this event too? *cross fingers*

liezle said...

wenn, thanks for dropping by. sorry i don't translate. and this one is japanese. i wish that someone could help though.


liezle said...

hello miyo. hyun joong never fails to make us laugh even if we don't understand what he is saying. hee,but i'm sure you did understand what they were saying. ^^


finkle said...

Hi Liezle thanks for the video! I think HJL does look kinda sickly though, hmm or is that my imagination? Anyway hope someone would share translation soon too on what he said :)

Counting down to Leader's return! :)

miyo said...

hi liezle...
yeah.. his reaction really made mi laugh! lol..
I try to translate when I have the time and if by then there's still no translations yet. (^_^;)

wen0607 said...

Really thanks for the video^^
Ya...I'm also looking forward to the english translation^^

Panda Brenda said...

Just a brief translation.

Caption says: Korean version Hana Yori Dango Premium Event, this mth 5 and 6. Yokohama National University hall.

MC: The cast are here to promote the release of the BOF dvd and F4 photo album.

Each cast self introducing themselves (don't think I need to translate that, right? ;p)
(Kim Bum caption says: it has been some time that I met up with everybody(refer to the Japanese). I'm glad that it is a happy time.)

MC: next is the Doumouji, lee min ho's interview.
(not translating cos it is not the main highlight. ;P)

MC: next is the F4 member Hanazawa Rui, SS501 Leader, Kim Hyun Joong.

Asking what other work has he done before?
HJ: I have done many jobs/work before. Pizza delivery, newspaper delivery,restaurant boy and more.

Asking do you feel tired or painful or enjoying when working?
HJ:It's always happy to be working, but it's painful too.
MC: So you are happy now(as in working - referring to event) ?
HJ: Ah, today.....yah....very happy.

MC:Hyun Joong joins his group member SS501 gave a stage performance.
Events ends with quiz and talk.

aisling said...

Panda Brenda:
thanks for your translation, appreciate it :)

It's not because I'm a die hard fan of Hyun Joong, but honestly he looks more handsome than other F3 cast in spite of being sick. In my opinion Kim Bum is rather extremely cute than handsome...