Monday, September 14, 2009

Some 'Green Gold'Pix

SBS new variety show 'Green Gold' premiered tonight and I miss seeing the 4 wacky idols because I was on my way home at the time it was being aired. Anyway, I'll just depend on YT, clubbox or torrent later.

Here are four high quality pix posted by Lina on SS601. com.

Yeah, look! Maknae did this. ^^

Image Hosted by

This is the opening credit of 'Green Gold'. Lifted from Credit as labeled.


P.S. Shirley, please check your YT inbox i need your 'to be fair' photos. ^_^ Can't access my other email.


mel_1223 said...

Ah, too bad Malaysia does not have SBS channel here.. Oh well, the pictures are great, thanks once again Liezle.

Hehe Shirley commented earlier that probably even your PC cant handle all the hotness of Kyu's spazz earlier, n it got killed along the way too LOL hehe

will be waiting for YT uploads as well soon for this program. ^^

liezle said...

hello mel!

hahahaha yeah i read shirley's post. ^_^ all of your comments are so funny which adds to my frustration earlier when i can't get an access to internet.


quizzy said...

ohh.. was gone in hours and bang!! a lot of updates are here already..(actually, just stating on my first job, hehe) i thought its going to be slow these days! but i guess im wrong!! now liezle, your spoiling me of the boys... guess ill be crazy if i cant see an updates in a day!! hahaha! don't stop liezle!! i beg you!! haha..:)

anyways, i got to say i miss MAL!!!
i wonder where is h and what he's doing! atleast i know leader is resting!! but how about mal?? ohhh! its been days and haven't heard of him doing any activity! ohhh so sad..:( i miss him!!!

thanks again liezle..:)

mel_1223 said...

Hi quizzy, hehe yea i miss Mal too. But probably as what Liezle said earlier in one of the post, he should be the luckiest lot of them at the moment.

Lets hope he took the opportunity to have a well rested time himself, and spend more time with his family and friends at home as it is a rare opportunity of having such a long break in between their very tight schedule. Or he could be hiding away in his home or studio and practising and memorizing more of the taiwan lyrics song they are gona perform in the TW concert too ^^

By all means, Mal shld be doing fine, and lets us all wait eagerly for the 5 of them reunited again very soon ^^

quizzy said...

yeah.. he is one lucky guy to have enough rest! hmmm, luckily he was liezle's first guessing game guest! haha...:) we're very much spoiled of liezle's updates!! :)

Anonymous said...

I miss jung min too much having all kinds of feelings each time I heard news about the other members or see their pictures and still dont know anything about min...i get annoyed, then sad......I dont know, I hope him to be alright.....